Port Vale: Reserving The Right To Criticise

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  1. Phil from Normacot says:

    Port Vale fans should stick to getting behind the team instead of getting involved with things they know nowt about. After costing us 2 promotions with their policy of domestic violence ( “don’t worry love, you’ll feel alot better when I stop beating you up”) it now transpires that they are equally incompetent when it comes to balancing the books.

    This week, Supporters’ Club chairman Pete Williams said: “The Sproson Fund to raise money to pay for the statue (Phil Sproson’s statue for the uninitiated) was set up as far back as 2001 and, over the years, has involved the support and commitment of thousands of supporters. “We will be selling ‘Save The Vale’ T-shirts on the day of the unveiling at reduced prices to help bridge a £3,000 shortfall in the overall costs of the project.”

    So they’ve run up losses over a 11 year period and the only task was to put up a statue. Good job they weren’t running a company in the leisure sector with a £4m turnover. Priceless.

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