Why We Deserve Better Than Alan Green

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  1. Mick says:

    Further to robbo’s comments of February 11, 2010, where does one sign up to kick Mr Green in the head/groin? Am more than prepared to queue.

  2. ejh says:

    I had the misfortune of hearing him yesterday evening, just after Liechtenstein had taken the lead against Scotland and I was trying to see if commentary was available on the internet. First time I’d heard his voice in years. Last time, too.

  3. Sid says:

    No mention of another infuriating “Greenism” viz “it’s a nonsense” – which he will regularly employ to support often totally contradictory points of view. Well done Alan!

  4. paul.langan says:

    Alan Green is ignorant, dreadful to listen to and unprofessionally biased against certain teams.

    When Spurs beat Man City to snatch the 4th champions league spot last season, Green completely lost it with joy. He ended up sounding like that mad Viking commentator who flipped his lid when Norway beat England. Someone forgot to tell him he’s supposed to be objective.
    Every time Man City are mentioned he starts frothing at the mouth as though they have no right to have money, good players and win games. The man is a cretin.

  5. Nick says:

    Alan Green?

    Ruins my enjoyment of radio football.

    Sometimes only the ‘c’ word will do.


  6. Andy from Scotland says:

    Having decided long ago to get rid of my TV, I am dependent on radio for my football updates. And have recently caught myself thinking: Why should blind football-lovers have to put up with the egotistical Green? Recently I had the misfortune of hearing him comment that he had never heard of a Welsh supporter of the English national team before. So why is an Ulsterman given such freedom? Wouldn’t this man be better employed in his own neck of the woods? Or is he afraid to live amongst his fellow countrymen in Ulster?

  7. celestica says:

    hi just read your comments, which I agree with very much ,when I first heard Alan Green on the radio,I thought he was a breath of fresh air,he was telling it as it was from the fans viewpoint eg the referee’s not upto it(as polite as I can say)but over time he turned out to be just a ref basher (there is only so much bashing you can do and still retain the interest of the listener), i stopped listening to him but I would make an exception when I found a match that I was interested in listening to and he was commentating on,you could feel the pressure the co-commentator was under not to disagree with alans outlandish comments that didnt have anything to do with the match and football, all in all graham taylor and most co-commentators comments are more worthwhile and have more sense than Alans contribution

  8. Rich says:

    Could not agree more. Greens bias and bitternes has spoilt radio 5. I really don’t know how professionals such as jimmy armfield put up with him.

  9. Steve, Manchester. says:

    His comments regarding Saturday’s fiasco at Old Trafford were scandalous- he should be barred from ever commentating at OT again.
    One thing I would side with him on- Graham Taylor is a humourless individual whose grasp of modern football is tenuous at best. I share Green’s view on the Mexican Wave- it’s really a case of ‘the biased leading the bland’ when those two get together.

  10. David says:

    Alan Green? He just deserves a bloody good smacking, and then his P45. The BBC used to employ intelligent, informed, analytical football commentators who we could respect for their even-handed impartiality. It seems the order of the day now is pompous, puffed-up, partisan prats. There’s only one thing to do when Alan Green is on – and that’s switch off. What a complete idiot he is.

  11. Mike C says:

    Well really. I understand perfectly well the criticism of AG. Just as I understand the criticism of Catholicism. Or agnosticism. AG is an agnostic. Although allegedly a Liverpool supporter, he does indeed say it like it is and never have I heard him guilty of bias. And like any agnostic he will upset anyone of creed. Eventually he’ll say something that crosses a creed barrier. That’s a shame. But the alternative is blandness. I grew up with Maurice Edelston. Bryon Butler and Peter Jones. Every week I wanted to strangle them. The platitudes. And the snobbery. I followed Leeds as a lad (and my home town Brighton). The supercilious snidey comments about Leeds, a team 20 years ahead of their time (plus a bit of thuggery) was absurd. Leeds were criticised for possession football, not the thuggery. Now, at Brighton, we love the possession style. Sorry, AG would have had the smarts to recognise effective clever play and it has been his unbiased yet passionate commentary that drew me back to the radio after years of snooze sent me off cycling on a Saturday afternoon. Hat’s off to Greeny and bollocks to the rest of you :-)

  12. Jonny says:

    I enjoy Alan Green’s commentaries. So what if he occasionally expresses bias? Isn’t that what all football fans do, especially when impassioned. As for his non-PC quips, so bloody what? Some of us can remember when true freedom of speech existed in Britain and wimps didn’t start crying about what they deem to be an ‘offensive’ comment. Bet you bunch of bed-wetters listen to Coldplay. Of course, these days, if anyone in the media dares to express anything other than strong left-wing bias, they are immediately considered a bigot and are attacked by internet cowards; the type of people who probably let their wives boss them around. And enjoy it. What the lefty wimps want is to silence anyone who doesn’t concur with their controlling agenda. Which is a pretty good description of fascism.
    Greeny, carry on calling it how you see it. Flawed honesty is always better then anodyne establishment banality.

  13. christian says:

    I just googled Alan Green to see the face of the man who has been spoiling football for me for years now. Finding this forum has allowed me to know I’m not alone. He’s a woman in a man’s body with his constant whinging and whining. I really do not like listening to him one iota.

  14. john says:

    There was a time when i thought mr green was a breath of fresh air, but no more i’m sick of him criticizing fans for leaving early and booing players. Today he lost the plot by saying that arsenal were not playing well because the fans were still in the bar when the second half started. Here is a man who does not pay to go to games, who is paid by us telling us what we can do.Time he retired.

  15. Janek says:

    I loved radio commentary when it was proffered by Peter Jones, Maurice Egglestone and the incomparable Bryon Butler. These were ex-professional footballers and they REALY knew their stuff. I have never really enjoyed listening to Alan Green and I have often wondered where he draws his authority from. Is he a former professional player? I doubt it. He often comes across as being pompous and remember that he would cut off callers, to phone-ins, abruptly if he disagrees with them and I’ll never forget when he threatened to put his lawyers onto one caller. Hopefully, he will retire soon and I hope that the BBC can find commentators who are comparable to the late Peter, Maurice and Bryon – what masters they were.

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