The 2012 Olympic Games: Footballs Legacy

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  1. Joe in Vancouver says:

    Yes I was not too happy about the biassed refereeing in the Womens’ Canada v USA game. A lot of dubious pro USA decisions culminating in the farcical award of a free kick back in Canada’s penalty area when they were at the other end of the pitch attacking the USA goal. We were told this was for the Canadian goalkeeper holding the ball for longer than SIX seconds! So USA smashed the ball straight at the face of a Canadian player resulting in her protecting her face involuntarily with her arm – guess what – this was deemed deliberate handball and a penalty was given. Canada were comfortably winning the game before this and outplaying the USA. I wondered if the Norwegian referee was actually Howard Webb in disguise and he was thinking that the USA were actually Man Utd.

  2. David Toms says:


    this was a really interesting piece. I’m intrigued to hear that the Premier League has had a lukewarm reception this year. Is that just because theres been so much else this summer, or do you think people are genuinely getting a bit tired of it and the Sky Sports bull surrounding it? I’ve grown up as an Irish supporter of Man U, but have also grown up a follower of my League of Ireland Side, Waterford United and I’m intrigued to think that my increased apathy towards the Premier League is shared, and not just the result of my increasing interest in the League of Ireland.

    As for soccer being at the Olympics, to me its a non-runner, it certainly should be. Your statement that “It belongs in the Olympics mainly because it is the world game and has been in almost every Olympics.” is as succinct as could be hoped for.

  1. August 16, 2012

    […] The Olympics are over (weren’t they great?) and now is the time for reflection (yes, but the football was crap) and consideration (really? I thought the quality as good) of things like legacy (poop on Team GB). Fun times. // 200% […]

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