Pompey’s Spider Trap: Chainrai Walks But His Web remains

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12 Responses

  1. old wag says:

    still borowing (from the council and the parachute payment)

    still trying to walk away from debts (football debts must be paid in full) and other debts still waiting for their 3p in the pound….

    still trying to pass blame

    still losing money……7000 season tickets at £ 300 each after vat gives a budget 0f just over £ 2million……and yet YOU want a budget of over £ 4million….

    still the same old pompey – like a drug addict saying ”give me more – i’ll change – tomorrow – i’ll change….”

    still cheating – still lying – still unsustainable…..- still a S P E C I A L case

    the FL and the FA are to blame with their incompetance (like QPR – cheating – let off
    like West Ham Cheating let off and then massive fines of points for the small teams Luton / rotherham /plymuff / bournemuff

    why did Portsmouth get off virtually scott free – who did they bribe ?

  2. Nathan says:

    Perhaps clubs should be forced to only field their youth teams (and take the inevitable relegations) when they go bust?

    The disaster that is the modern transfer and loan system is yet another depressing symptom of the greed that has ruined our national sport.

  3. Nathan says:

    This is a peach:

    “An additional one off contribution of £3,000,000 to the football creditors in the event that Portsmouth FC is promoted to the FA Premier League any time before June 2022″

    If you want to know where your and football’s the problem lies, it’s right there ^^^^

  4. ChrisP says:

    I’d be very interested to see how much the new players are being paid for their one month contracts, it seems very short sighted to be signing players at this stage when the ownership of the club is still unresolved. Most of those signed today were unlikely to be picked up by other clubs in League 1 so it would have been better to keep them as trialists and risk them going elsewhere rather than committing Pompey’s already very scarce funds to paid contracts.

  5. Rich says:

    Another good piece from SJ Maskell and some ill-infomed bile beneath from Old Wag.

  6. Andy says:

    ‘Old Wag’ Being a Luton fan i don’t necessarily disagree with some of what you say about the FA, but i would say there is a massive different between the previous owners disregard of debt to the PST trying to save the club.

    On your other ‘points’ i know of at least five clubs borrowing from the local council (in some form) at present and, according to reports’ there are a couple of dozen clubs in massive financial difficulty who may borrow from whomever they can in the current months (today we find Southend are £10m in debt apparently).

    Renegotiation is a tool used by any struggling business and the terms here are clear, either make something work or its liquidation, which would be even worse for those they owe money to. ‘still trying to pass blame’ erm, ok, is it the fans fault? No, don’t think so, maybe its the owners and execs. The budget ‘point’ is just daft, you discount sponsorship, TV, prize money and those who don’t buy season tickets, the budget seems about spot on to me.

    And the rest of it makes you sound like a tool.

    Interested to know what club you support, just to see what a paragon of financial virtuousness looks like. Any chance of enlightening me?

    Good luck to the PST, similarly to every club in that position.

    Doesn’t mean i wont complain like hell if they don’t get similar points penalties to my own club though ;)

  7. very informative and easy to understand article on Chanrai! as for Old Wag what a sad life he must have! to be so full of poison

  8. old wag says:

    the ‘trust’ still cant add up

    chania left because next years parrachute payment has been spent in its entirety…

    all £ 12million



    the ‘trust’ has allowed £ 2million to cover the renegotiated ex player contracts …..what lowlifes……

    a contract is to be avoided if you are pompey….pay up pompey

    Rangers got relegated 3 divisions (justifiably) and precious pompey are getting picked on….

    hopefully chanai will lock the gates on saturday and it will be the end of the end.

  9. ChrisBsixty8 says:

    Old slag, wind yer neck in. PST, good luck with the bid, it’s gonna be a hell of a season WHEN We survive and shock all and finish top 6. And Scumpton relegated. PUP PPU!!!!!

  10. Random Womble says:

    “The Trust has offered him [Chanrai] £2.75m for his charge on Fratton Park.” This is the bit I’m struggling with. Chanrai, if I’ve understood correctly, owns the ground and the surrounding land, which must be worth a lot more than £2.75m. Why would he cede this to PST for such a loss? Perhaps there’s more to it? As long as there are no replies claiming the ground’s status is protected for sports use and not commercial development – we (Wimbledon), and plenty more clubs, have been shafted on that one!

    If PST is successful in taking over the club but can’t reach agreement with Chanrai over Fratton Park, what then? So many questions …

  11. SJMaskell says:

    RW: Chainrai does NOT own the ground – it belongs to the club, fortunately. He does have a charge on the ground for £18m. The ground is worth £2.1m if the club is alive and kicking. It is worth far less without the club as its status as a sports ground is protected and PCC have clearly stated no planning permission will be granted for anything else on the site.

    As to the surrounding land – that was owned by Sacha Gaydamak (and therein lies the root of our problems). The company holding the land has recently gone into administration.

    If Chainrai doesn’t accept the value offered for his charge on the ground the administrator can ask the court to mediate.

  12. NC says:

    The ultimate way to scupper Chainrai would be to set up a new club ground-sharing with Havant and Waterlooville and for supporters and staff to switch their allegiance to the new side. AFC Wimbledon showed what could be achieved with a few thousand willing supporters.

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