Port Vales Summer Of Optimism Returns To Square One

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4 Responses

  1. old wag says:

    the second division needs to regionalise into north and south to cut costs and increase gates. Perhaps merging with the conference premier to have 2 leagues of 24 teams.
    How can a ‘non’ owner sign contracts for the club players ? They may only be paying 3% of their debts – but have they got enough money.If they dont get sorted they need another points penalty…..
    another ‘fit and proper owner’ for the FA and leagues ‘credible competition’ not….

  2. phil (Normacot) says:

    Please don’t refer to the views of the protest movement as “the fans” or Mo Chaudry as “fans favourite”.

    Most fans at Port vale want nothing to do with boardroom politics. This is a private war between a couple of directors and a few disgruntled fans. Once Mo Chaudry launched his hostile takeover bid (because the directors didn’t want him on the board) it spilled out onto the internet and then the terraces.

    Had it not been for this, Vale would be playing in Div 1 now, not staring into the abyss. So don’t cut and paste the propoganda spewed out by the likes of One Vale Fan. That’s lazy journalism.

  3. jon ikins says:

    phil have you been at the booze draw,how the hell would vale have been in div 1 with v2001 constant budget cuts to try and stem the losses while smiling to fans telling us everything is ace with million dollar sponsorship on the horizon.then selling the club down the river to deakin and miller,still at least sir bill bratt got out with his money etc intact (plus a nice bonus in earnings etc)while us small investors are left with nothing

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