Pompey Fans Rattle Some Cages

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6 Responses

  1. old wag says:

    how – without the money to pay the 7 they have got can they sign anyone to make up a team ?

    the league FA should shut them down….now

    pompey fans are great – but how can a team survive when all the rules are broken ?

    you need to start again at the very bottom of non league…..

  2. Joe - Vancouver Canada says:

    This pain has lasted long enough for true Pompey fans – my plea to Trevor Birch now is don’t wait two weeks just close it down this Friday and turn the lights out when you leave.
    I did not think it possible we could find an administrator worse than Admin Andy but I guess we did.
    It will take a long time but we can start again from the bottom and set the best example ever of a club owned by fans.
    The sooner BC, TB, AA, TBH et al find they have to go and will not receive any more money the better.

  3. ejh says:

    Once again the difference between satire and reality fails to make itself clear.

  4. Tim Browning says:

    Portsmouth supporters need to rid themselves of these cancerous ‘money men’ and the fans must take ownership. There are numerous fan owned clubs showing that the model does work, and can work better than having individuals owning clubs, whose only interest is their own financial gain.

  5. Kris says:

    My only question is about the ground. Can a reborn club get to use Fratton Park? If so, I don’t see there’s anything in it for Pompey fans to give any money to anyone except their own club, run by themselves.

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