Rangers: Promises, Promises

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12 Responses

  1. Donald Hardie says:

    …Mark whoever you are what is your problem with Rangers..is it your schooling,your religion maybe or is there just a raging hate inside..honestly i,ve been a Rangers fan all my life i,ve always paid my dues yet now apparently i,m a tax dodger a cheat and a scummy orange bastard…unbelievable eh…Murray may be a cheat that is strill to be proved,Whyte is a cheat that is proved and these two are to blame for all this nonesense not us decent law abiding fans..

  2. John CF says:

    Good article mate. In fact one of the best I’ve read as regards the financial mess. Green is nothing more than a second hand car dealer looking to make a quick buck. However in the time it’s taking him, the club and Scottish football are dying. I dont think we’ll see any football at Ibrox this season but hope I’m wrong.

  3. Rome says:

    The fans are to blame as well, with there hatred and threats to innocent people

  4. hattersfan says:

    Donald Hardie- how on earth you can surmise that the article made the asertions you claim is simply incredible. It seems to me that any comments on Rangers demise which do not meet your (and your fellow fans) own biased views can only be made by bitter Catholics.

    I am neither and think that Mark’s comments are an honest and factual (as much as that’s possible) summary of the fiasco that’s been a daily pantomime over the last six months or so.

    What does strike me though is the obsession with schooling, religion and ‘whataboutery’ emanating from Glasgow’s blue corner. I’m glad I don’t libe in a country where I might be judged by you on my name,education and religion.

  5. Patrick says:

    Well said Hattersfan.

    However you might not fully appreciate the deep rooted reasons for the existence of the views expressed by Donald.He and thousands like him have been raised to believe that they are superior to most of the rest of mankind, their mothers sang Rule Brittania to them to get them to sleep. In particular they were educated to believe that God had ordained that they were superior to all things Irish and Catholic. They genuinely did think that they were the chosen people.

    Now the bubble has burst

  6. Donald MacDonald of MacDonald says:

    Hattersfan, I think you’ll find the only team in Scotland carrying religious paraphernalia to games are those of the green and grey persuasion; hatred and brainwashing is taught in their schools unfortunately and it is very difficult for those kids to shake off what they are taught. I commend any child who emerges from that with their sanity intact but shamefully it continues and all in the name of the great fairy godfather who will burn you in the big fire if you even have a fly wank to ease the boredom of a typical celtic game. Never mind, each to their own.

  7. HATTERSFAN says:

    Crikey D M of M;seems to me that it’s YOU that has been brainwashed. You are now deflecting from the original article and RFC’s difficulties. You say ‘each to their own’ but I don’t believe you given your rancour and cynicism.

    Can you comment on the points made in the original article? How did this situation occur? Why is their such a division between fans as to what happens next? Where do you see your club in a year or five years time?

  8. Patrick says:

    Hattersfan whatever you do do not engage in debate with these knuckle dragging neanderthals.In the interests of transparency they will demand to know who you are (in case your name could loosely be connected with Ireland or Rome)and what school you went to.

    In your local library and on the web you will find authors such as J M Bradley and T M Devine who have written extensively on the subject. Try them.

  9. ejh says:

    Celtic v Rangers: enlightening, but not enlightened.

  10. Patrick says:

    EJH I hope that this is the last time I see the term Old Firm.

    Neither I or tens of thousands of Celtic fans want our club’s name ever again to be linked even loosely with the bigots and racists who followed the team formerly known as Rangers.

  11. Dominic says:

    Scottish football isn’t dying because Rangers have folded and the new team is starting in the lowest division. It has been suffering a slow death ever since the founders of the SPL allowed Reangers and Celtic to hive off the vast majority of the extra money that came into the game. As a result teams like Aberdeen and Dundee United (who had previously won titles) can no longer compete.
    It would be a great opportunity for the clubs to negotiate a fairer distribution of the gate and TV revenues and hopefully restore some balance to the league.

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