100 Owners: Number 88 – Tony Lazarou (Enfield FC )


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3 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    People should never forget the example of ETFC. Maybe AFCW and FCUM would have started their own clubs, but that’s a counterfactual. What we do know for sure is that Enfield inspired some people at Wimbledon to have courage in the idea. They’re help was invaluable in a practical sense, given the speed with which they had to start the club in order to be registered and ready for the next season. That same help was shown to FCUM a few years later, and the fan-formed clubs have all been supportive of each other.

    Amery Lovins once did a TED talk about how the difference between 0 and 1 is greater than 1 and any other number. When nothing’s happened, maybe that’s because it can’t happen. When it’s happened once, then its just a question of making it happen again. It’s an issue of replication, not invention. Enfield moved fans from being people who wondered if they could do it and should do it to being people who knew that they could, and that makes all the difference in the world. They’re the heroes of the trust movement.

  2. Neil Avey says:

    As 1 of the 263 to vote on breaking away from Enfield FC, I have to say that I ‘ll never forget what a relief it was to actually feel in charge of our own destiny. At the first game we ever played in front of 350, there were many people with huge grins on their faces who couldn’t believe what we were doing – much the same as there are now at our new ground the Donkey Dome. No more evil Chairmen to contend with!

  3. Phil of Bath says:

    Excellent article. I understood that the Alliance Premier league DID invite Isthmian League clubs at the founding, but that the Isthmian clubs’ attitude of ‘we don’t travel beyond the M25′ meant that no-one accepted the initial offer. Of course, since then, now that the Isthmian clubs have belatedly decided to join in, the Conference South is basically the old Isthmian League.

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