Olympic Disinterest In Football


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11 Responses

  1. I’m somewhat ambivalent regarding the Olympic football. I watched it in 96 when Nigeria beat Argentina and it was genuinely exciting, but it just never caught my attention after that. Even having a GB team in it doesn’t seem to be getting me going…if anything, I’d say the whole saga surrounding it has only served to put me off.
    On top of this, seeing the word ‘Ricoh’ covered up with bin bags over the last few weeks has looked rather tawdry.

  2. mike says:

    I am left cold by the whole Olympic Games business, I fear; I’m glad I’m almost 200 miles away from the main centre of activity, but fear that if the event does not make a profit part of the loss will in one way or another be visited on me. That’s my only motivation for hoping the event will be successful. I am also far more interested in club football than in any kind of international football. As such, I won’t be going to or straining any nerve or sinew to tele-watch the tournament. It isn’t disinterest, by the way – it’s complete lack of interest, which is not the same thing.

  3. Olympic soccer is the only sport I watch during The Games, so the more the better. Who cares where they play. I suspect the games are concentrated in London because of the extremist morons out there.

  4. Richard says:

    An article on Soccer America yesterday said that only 200 tickets had been sold for the double header at Hampden Park in the women’s tournament next Wednesday (USA v France and Colombia v North Korea in case you were wondering)

  5. pat says:

    F*** the Olympics

  6. Annabels says:

    A pedant writes…
    Disinterested = non-judgemental, unbiased
    Uninterested =couldn’t give a sh*t about the Olympics, least of all the football

  7. Wimblepool says:

    Thank you, Annabels. I wanted to make the same point myself, but could not have phrased it as well as you.

  8. Borys says:

    I don’t give a pig’s fart for the Olympics, but I’d be interested in watching the ladies’ fitba. It’s pish but I like its purity. I like to watch two sides which regardless of the result are out on the pitch to play without time wasting or wallowing about screaming “my leg’s been torn off” followed a quick fix of the ‘do and sprinting 100m in 11 seconds.

  9. Tim Vickerman says:

    Hate to burst this negativity but I’m looking forward to the Olympic football. Should be going to the Old Trafford semi final and the double header in Coventry on 1st August. But then I am home for just 2 weeks from Japan and it’s about the only football I can watch thanks to the belated start…caused by the Olympics.

    The ticket prices are admittedly scandalous. Who would’ve imagined it would be difficult to sell Senegal v UAE U23s at ¬£20-40 a pop in Coventry? And I was planning to be positive about it…

  10. Ian H says:

    I think one of the reasons the footy has not caught the interest is that although this is the olympics, it is not going to be the worlds best out there. For example, the Spain team, although i have no doubt they will be good, will not be Casias, Torres and co who did the business a few weeks ago. Added to that, the other sports are ones that dont get as much prominence at this level in the UK, and you can see why they are selling out quicker. For me, a footy saddo, (2,000 odd games on about 350 grounds)I will pass thanks. However, I have tickets for Hockey and Athletics which I am really up for. Other footy fans I have spoken to feel the same.

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