100 Owners: Number 89 – Terry Smith (Chester City)


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5 Responses

  1. Chris says:


    Everybody always adds an E.

  2. dave says:

    2 memories stirred by this. first was when at a meeting at the Football League, probably on a Friday morning, with people there commenting that they were tearing their hair out trying to get hold of someone at the club who could be considered the secretary, to advise that if they didn’t pay disciplinary fines by 2pm, they’d be suspended from football.

    Second was the launch of the Dons Trust in Feb 2002, and meeting someone active in the Chester ISA. I’d seen some stuff about Vaughan which made me think things would get Worse than better, bu they werent having it, thinking tha it was _impossible_ for things to be worse.

  3. JOHN says:

    Nice article as usual. A slight correction though – Kevin Ratcliffe’s £200K payout was not compensation due to unfair dismissal, or any form of compensation, despite many media sources reporting that it was. It was, in fact, a very peculiar contractual clause put together by Ratcliffe and Gutterman stating that, in the event of a change of ownership, Ratcliffe would be entitled to receive his entire total wages while manager of the club over again. It was frankly scandalous and I think the only reason that he got away with it was because everybody assumed it was down to some sort of cock-up from Terry Smith. In reality, it was perhaps the only thing that happened to Chester during Smith’s reign that genuinely wasn’t his fault.

  4. Tim says:

    Smith’s American football career was the subject of considerable debate while he was at Chester. The game where he got injured was a pre-season game, he never actually appeared in the NFL proper. There were persistent rumours that the guy in question was a different guy of the same name.

  5. jon ikins says:

    i met terry smith due to my involvement in american football,he was an arrogant sod even when dealing with his own sport,at one point he even stole the manchester team moved it to sheffield called it great britan spartans and entered into the football league of europe

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