Where Next for Scottish Football?


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11 Responses

  1. pat says:

    How many times? – Rangers are being liquidated. Sevco are a new club.

    I agree that those asking for Sevco to be simultaneously treated as a new club but be punished for Rangers’ actions are wrong.

    There is much more to come though before Sevco can be left to get on with being a club and we can forget about Rangers:

    Firstly, the stripping of titles from Rangers must be the consequence of a guilty verdict in the ‘dual contracts’ case.

    Next, will Charles Green really want to hang around now that Sevco are in Division 3? The upkeep of Ibrox and Murray Park will be difficult to maintain at that level. Will Green go back on the deal to buy Rangers’ assets therefore leaving BDO with much more to work with in the liquidation process?

    Will a club like say, Spartans mount a legal challenge over Sevco’s direct entry into the SFL? Spartans have far more reason to be there.

    Will Rangers fans now adopt Sevco? Or perhaps the ones who live outside Glasgow will now support their local sides?

  2. GSW says:

    Dream on Pat. Where to start, Rangers have been voted into the SFL, even as we speak, the fixture list is being redrawn, there is no vacancy for the Spartans.

    Even if titles are stripped from Rangers, what difference does that make to anybody? You can’t rewrite history, people were at those games, celebrated them, others bemoaned their lot, you can’t take those memories back.

    Charles Green’s been an absolute star thru all this, the bitterness of the other Chairmen has been embarassing to watch. The only one whose come thru this with any sign of dignity at all is CG. All those whose visogs have been plastered all over the telly prattling about on about “Sporting integrity”, aren’t doing themselves any favours. Some Scottish Journalist interviewed on talksport(?) this week said , the biggest surprise to him in all this was “he’d no idea there were so many men of Integrity in Scottish football”, well quite, I think it was a surprise to all of us.

    One thing we can agree on, let’s get on with the football.

  3. pat says:

    Titles have to be stripped if a side is found to have cheated to win them. Just like they were in Italy after the Calciopoli scandal and like the Olympic medal Ben Johnson had taken from him.

    The Rangers saga went on for far longer and they won 5 league titles during the time in question. If proven it is the most prolonged spell of cheating in British football history, and that’s before we get to the illegalities of the whole affair.

    The difference it makes to the record books is that we will remember there was a dark period for the game where one club cheated. This must not be brushed under the carpet just because some people are uncomfortable with it. We have to face these kind of things, much like the Italians are still attempting to do. It was a period where fans of teams other than Rangers may have been giving money to a competition they thought was fair, but in fact were being denied success, European football and the monetary benefits because one team was cheating.

    To call the other chairman bitter is a bit of a strange one. They are merely sticking – kind of – to the rule book that says new clubs must start at the bottom. Sevco are a new club and so must do that. I say ‘kind of’ sticking to the rules because they have actually made a special exception for Sevco given they don’t meet the necessary financial requirements for membership.
    As for Spartans, I didn’t say they would be in the league but that they would have grounds for making a legal challenge for Sevco leapfrogging them. Spartans have been trying to become an SFL member for years and do a lot of good in their community.

    Much as we would like to get on with the football, I’m afraid we can’t. You are confident that Sevco will be playing in Division 3 but the question marks still remain over their viability, their ability to be ready in time and whether Green will stick around. For the creditors sake it would be better if the liquidators had more to sell off from Rangers’ assets so they’re probably hoping Green will have some mechanism for going back on the deal to buy Ibrox and Murray Park.

  4. GSW says:

    For goodness sake Pat, by all means spend your time looking through you record books with the lines drawn thru the ones you think cheated – I hope you find it satisfying to think you didn’t lose really. I was there! I watched the games, I celebrated! the fact one of your books says it didn’t happen makes no difference to me, or anybody else I would imagine.

    Maybe you could have a whip round to help with Spartans legal costs? against the SFL, SFA! these are exceptional times, they acted in what they considered to be the best interests of Scottish football, the argument they did so is compelling.

    As for the Creditors getting more, they were offered more! HMRC turned it down so they could go after individuals. There is no comback on this now. CG and his consortium own the assets, not least because they fairly offered more than anybody else for them at the time. If you bought a car, you’d be rightfully p**d off if someone came to your door to take it back because he thinks he could have sold to somebody else for more.

  5. SW19 Womble says:

    “Rangers Football Club does not need to be handed a competitive advantage, they are more than capable of returning to the SPL via the Third Division on their own merit. Rebuilding from the bottom can restore the dignity stripped from the club by its former owners.”

    Clyde Football Club, I think I love you.

  6. Simon Cope says:

    Hear, hear SW19 Womble. Clyde FC have pulled no punches with their approach to this whole sorry mess, and have shown the SFA, SFL, SPL et al what sporting integrity mean.

    I sincerely hope the Plan C / SPL 2 idea is just that – if there are actual moves to make this happen in the coming week I can see the whole of Scottish football imploding.

  7. phg says:

    gsw; you are so wrong and your sense of values is all over the place. from what you say it appears you have no problem with ben johnson winning medals solely because he cheated. I find it completely weird that someone like yourself thinks that because you were there and watched rangers in good faith, it changes nothing for you when later it is revealed they were only able to perform at that level because they cheated on an industrial scale. I wonder what your reaction would be if it turns out that federer was on steroids when he beat the scotsman andy murray.

  8. pat says:

    Thanks PHG, you said what was needed to be over the issue of stripped titles.

    On the ownership of Rangers’ assets, we still don’t know for sure if the sale of them to Sevco has been fully completed yet. We don’t know whether there is a possibility of the deal being reversed or not. There are some who believe there might be meaning Green can get pull out – it wouldn’t be a surprise given his new club is not as high in the league hierarchy as he was wanting.

    My point about it being better for the creditors for BDO to have Ibrox and Murray Park to work in the liquidation process still stands. As HMRC were the majority creditor they had the power to turn down the CVA so they could go after Whyte et al. This was their priority rather than getting their money back. From the other creditors point of view it they would get more of the money they were owed by Rangers back if the liquidators have more to sell i.e. Murray Park and Ibrox. Therefore it is better for them if Green is able to go back on his deal.

    Your attitude of assuming everything is as the MSM report it is GSW, and sticking your head in the sand is symptomatic of the old Rangers support. It would be wise if you don’t bring it with you to Sevco, should you choose to support them.

  9. Nathan says:

    Hopefully this nonsense will improve Scottish football in many ways, not least its lack of competitiveness and governance, but I doubt it.

  10. stevieb says:

    Dream on. People may find that a return of the team, whatever they call the name, will be a Rangers fit for purpose. And we will win all the leagues in a trot. The fans will make it happen. That will be the most interesting football ti happen in the next 4 years. We will be mercurial.

  11. Sergeant Wilson says:

    I stopped going to Scottish senior football nearly 5 years ago, as I didn’t like the direction it was heading. I’ve seen nothing to change my mind. recently.

    Corrupt, top to bottom and not even very well organised.

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