Watford’s Big Picture Problems


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16 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    A more balanced view than some, but seeing that the sale was concluded by an administrator,it would suggest that the club had little option or indeed face extinction. Your point about work permits already negates the option of the club taking unknown players. The clubs debt in comparison to other clubs in the league is not as bad. Time will tell if we lose our identity, we may not have a large support, but we do have passionate support and if things do get worse, then you can be assured that the owners will know, just ask Jack Petchy a former owner!

  2. max tibble says:

    I rub my dick on my watford shirt. The players turn me on aswell.

  3. max tibble says:

    I rub my dick on my watford shirt. The players turn me on aswell.

  4. Petsoundsnick says:

    An interesting discussion piece Paul. Another point of view is that the Pozzo family realise the biggest opportunity in football is in England due to the TV money available in the Premier League. Therefore, they have bought a well-established Championship club, with one of the finest academy set-ups in England, on the outskirts of London, for a knockdown price. By supporting the club and getting it into the Premier League, arguably it is a more lucrative proposition than Udinese, even if Udinese get in the Champions League. So you could make a case that Watford become the core focus and Granada and Udinese are “feeders”. Who knows?

    As a Watford fan, we are used to seeing players stay for 1-2 seasons and then leave. In recent years, we have had Danny Graham, Marvin Sordell, Mike Williamson, Jobi McAnuff, Lee Williamson, Marlon King, Tommy Smith etc. all do it. I guess the difference is that they were mainly English players, whereas this time it could players from all other the world. Im sure if it starts impacting our progress then the natives will start to revolt but at the moment, after the flirtation with administration both before and at the end of the Bassini regime we are prepared to give anything a go….Forza Watford.

  5. D Wood says:

    dont care, at least we will still be in business, and if he wants to stay in the PL then decent players will have to be replaced with other decent players

  6. Roger Smith says:

    I’m sure that the Pozzo’s will have factored in the additional constraints such as the need for work permits before embarking on what must be a very major investment.

    As you say, Watford has always been a selling club, based on an Academy model that is the envy of many larger clubs. That was one of the attractions for the Pozzo’s. The prospect of working under world-class coaches can only enhance Watford’s chances of attracting the best talent in competition with the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea etc.

    However, it’s not only players that can appreciate in value. If Watford does become an established Premiership Club, with a fully developed stadium, it will become a prize asset in its own right.

    So my OAP early-bird season ticket could turn out to be the bargain of the century. I just hope that the Pozzo’s don’t try to milk the supporters next season, as the owners of some of the more established Premiership clubs do.

  7. hbkid says:

    Who is to say that Udinese aren’t about to become a feeder club for Watford if and when we are established in the Premier League?

  8. Roger Smith says:

    PS. …and when the new stadium can’t accommodate everyone, we can always move to Wembley!

  9. jim says:

    @HBkid – anyone with a semblence of a grasp of reality would say that isn’t going to happen.

  10. Crowd Spotter says:

    Some fantastically deluded comments already. Perhaps Pozzo’s main reason for choosing Watford was that he knew the majority of supporters were so supine that they’d put up absolutely no resistence whatsoever.

  11. mad beanite says:

    If this ‘project’ works watford could finally win a trophy.

  12. Mark says:

    Crowd Spotter – I am sure some fans will have their concerns but then what option was there…

    Bassini diud an ok job but had no money to keep the club going and we have sold/brought players many times over the years so the Pozzo way of running a club is nothing new.

  13. Reg Hairpiece says:

    I can’t believe just how spineless Watford supporters are being. Is there any other club where this would have been not only allowed to happen but actively welcomed? If losing your club’s identity is the price to pay for saving the club at its current status then I don’t see it’s a price worth paying. But no talks of protest, boycotts, an alternative supporter-run club – frankly if and when it goes wrong, the supporters will get what they deserve.

    But then there’s always Fat Reg to bail them out isn’t there?

  14. Micky F says:

    I’m disgusted with how happy and smug watford fans are about this take over and how little they seem to care that the identity of their club may be lost forever. Mind you they’ve always relied on Rich Sugar Daddies to bail them out of their troubles so it’s no real surprise they’re enamoured with anyone who shows up with a fat wallet!

    You have to feel for Sean Dyche, a popular and gifted young manager sacked for no good reason, and the watford faithful are so caught up in the hype they don’t seem at all bothered.

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