New Direction for Supporters Direct?

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  1. @lord_palmerston says:

    Excellent piece. Lampitt’s installation as SD CEO is a puzzle for more than one reason.

    Firstly, his tenure at Portsmouth was disastrous. He and his FD accepted at face value assurances about funding from people who had been flagged by the FSA as not fit to run a bank. The Football League should take the view that if you’re not fit to run a bank, you’re not fit to own a football club; but sadly they ignore any such issues. Few in Portsmouth can accept Lampitt’s pleading that he was as much amazed as anyone at the house-of-cards finances of CSI. If he’s that naive, he shouldn’t be CEO of SD.

    Secondly, why have SD not gone for someone with a track record of commercial or marketing achievement? If the job of CEO is to discover funding, then they will need to do better than someone who may be able to exploit the old boy network of football governance for a few quid grudgingly given.

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