George Rolls Out Of Kettering Town


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5 Responses

  1. Great post as always, Ian, but where do we go with this now? Like 99% of anyone who’s dealt with George Rolls over the last few years, I celebrate his demise with a very full glass. Rolls is the Ebola virus of non-league football and the FA have, for once, stuck the needle in just where it needs to be stuck.
    As a fan of Weymouth FC I can be smug. We (or rather, certain huge bollocked supporters with life savings and a VERY understanding missus) have taken control of our club and the future looks very bright indeed.
    But Kettering? It’s tempting to describe the average Poppies fan as a ‘poor fucker’ or ‘deluded fucker’ or. Well you get the idea. But if any Poppies fan is reading this, please, please, please read and assimilate. You are a trillion times better off without than with. If it means going back to the Northamptonshire Pubs Sunday Morning Park League, then do it. With a management of fans and the truly committed, and without a deluded fantasist with a gambling habit that would appear to leave Steve Claridge looking like a man who wouldn’t know a horse from a giraffe.

  2. Schmoo says:

    Jeez, I’m glad I don’t support Weymouth I might meet people like the above.

  3. Richard says:

    Not sure what your point is, Schmoo. Perhaps Mr Kinsella could have phrased his comments differently, but the general thrust is unarguable in my view.

    Good article.

  4. Phil says:

    George Rolls was Chairman at Weymouth and “acting chairman” at Kettering Town.

    The definition of “Director” in the Fit & Proper Persons Regulations includes “a person in accordance with whose directions or instructions the persons constituting the management of the Club are accustomed to act” and “a person who exercises or is able to exercise direct or indirect control over the affairs of the Club.”

    If you can take a club out of administration via a CVA you must be exercising direct or indirect control over that club’s affairs. So I think that for the purposes of the Fit & Proper Persons Regulations he fitted the definition of “Director” at both Weymouth and Kettering.

    As a “Director” he should have made a declaration, part of which is, “I have not been a Director of two or more Football Clubs or Holding Company of a Football Club that have entered into an Insolvency Event either whilst I have been a Director of those companies or in the 30 days immediately following me having resigned as a Director of those companies in the five years preceding the date of the signing of this Declaration.”

    “Insolvency Event” is also defined to include “A Football Club enters into any arrangement with a majority in value of its creditors in respect of the payment of its debts or any of them as a Company Voluntary Arrangement (under the Insolvency Act 1986, the Insolvency Act 2000 or the Enterprise Act 2000) or a Scheme of Arrangement (under the Companies Act 1985).”

    So, when he became “acting chairman” at Kettering he could make that declaration. But after the Kettering CVA was accepted he got his second “Insolvency Event” and was no longer a fit & proper person. Both Rolls and Kettering Town were required to report the disqualifying condition under regulation 3.2 of the F&PP Regulations.

    The declaration form makes it quite clear that the individual signing it agrees that he or she understands that the word “Director” on the form has the meaning given in the regulations.

    Finally, for the purposes of the definition of a “Director” in the F&PP Regulations, a person shall be regarded as being able to exercise direct or indirect control over the affairs of the Club in if that person owns or is entitled to acquire 30% or more of the share capital or issued share capital of the Club or the voting power in the Club. So putting the shares in the name of a friend or family member could make that person a “Director” as well, and that person would also need to sign the declaration. I don’t know if that is the case at Kettering but I add it for completeness’ sake.

  5. Milf says:

    Apparently today he was booking the Kettering team into a hotel in Weymouth for their game there in August. So he’s not exactly ‘bovvered’, is he?

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