Rangers Again: The Buck is Passed to the SFL


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7 Responses

  1. DR says:

    Appropriate to mention Wimbledon, because there is one potential consequence of Rangers going into the fourth tier that has not been widely mentioned, let alone by the floundering Scottish football administrators – namely, that lower division clubs stand to get paydays arising from the guarantee of hosting a Rangers game, or games.

    If Rangers fans travel in numbers to such games, and home supporters turn out to see Rangers – admittedly, a depleted version – then surely the net financial effect of this will go a long way towards nullifying the doomsday scenarios propounded by those looking for an easy solution?

    Just a thought, but the examples of Wimbledon & FC United taking large away followings to small clubs are surely pertinent here, probably more so than some of the evidence-lite Scottish scenarios?

  2. Good post.

    There’s two points, both arising from a meeting of St mirren season ticket holders I was at on Tuesday night.

    Firstly, the St Mirren chairman outlined that the projected drop in revenue (from broadcasters and sponsors – un named of course as they wouldn’t want to be seen to condone cheating) would be between £650.000 and £1.1 million. While the SPL really should have negociated better contracts (as well as better television deals), this is bad news for Scottish Football.

    The second point is that staggeringly, in this game of high stakes poker most of the fans and most of the clubs have the same ideas on how to go forward. The so called road-block to reform comes in the shape of the “administrators”, the broadcasters and the corporate sponsors. If Rangers are put into the Third Division, what happens next is anyone’s guess, I do wonder if there will be any “retribution” against any sponsors contemplating leaving Scottish Football. A run on Clydesdale Bank anyone?


  3. SW19 Womble says:

    Agree with DR – all the doom merchants should see the effect Wimbledon had in the non-league divisions: the Combined Counties League clubs were delighted with the financial boost our two seasons there created.
    It was a similar case in the Ryman – although undoubtedly there was some bitterness displayed by some clubs in that particular band. Rangers would probably experience the same as they – like us – rose up towards their natural level.
    Rangers wearing a hairshirt for a season or two would leave a trail of extra income in their wake, not of destruction.
    In a few short years Rangers would have worked their way back up to their natural level the right way – they would have the moral upper hand, perhaps the chance to make friends and renew old acquaintances instead of acting like bored and boorish dinner guests (we live in hope).
    Or they can jump the queue and crap on the other scottish football clubs. Yes, Celtic might win a couple of easy championships, but so what? Serves Rangers right for financial doping. Maybe Hearts or Dundee Utd might rise to the challenge with only one behemoth to beat during the season…. a few results and….
    Doubtless Rangers will continue to act the spoilt brat instead of taking the moral high road, and/or clubs will be bullied into the powers that be that can’t see the wood for the trees.
    Take your medicine like a good boy, Rangers, and quit the whining and bawling like a spoilt brat.

  4. SW says:

    Regan and Doncaster have to go – that much is clear. Doncaster is Scudamore Lite and Regan is a clown. The sooner they are out of football altogether better.

    But at some point UEFA and FIFA need to step in. The SFA and SPL have been determined not to enforce their own rule book. Why UEFA & FIFA allowing Scottish national associations to bully and intimidate member clubs that have done nothing wrong?

    There is a possibly never to be repeated opportunity for Scottish clubs to drive bargains that ensure the game is no longer run for the sole benefit of the Old Firm. Let’s hope they take it.

  5. Phil says:

    Don’t forget AFC Wimbledon was not the trailblazer. The Wimbledon fans followed Enfield Town for a season to see if the ex-Enfield fans had done the right thing. We had. Oh boy, we had!

  6. Rangers are gone.But this newco is something else,Their are all sorts of broblems with it.Are They fit& proper people.Can they not tell us who their backers are.No one can trust these people.So how can they be allowed into any division at all,They I believe have sold 250 season tickets.Mr Greens newco in my opinion will not see out a full season in any division.As for DONCASTER&REGAN They two are as worthwhile as DUFF%PHELPS.

  7. roastiesdad says:

    the S.F.L. clubs cannot vote on a team with no 3 years audited accounts, will they be run by FIT & PROPER people
    the fact that charles green has made no atempt to disclose their names ( i bet that CRAIG WHITE would be on the list )
    AND why have the s.f.a. officials not insisted on the club not had the basic iormation !!


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