A View From The Armchair: Our Final Word On Euro 2012

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4 Responses

  1. fwis says:

    Spain “miss[ed] Carlos Puyol”? One goal conceded with a right back at centre half? Sorry Marky, can’t go with you on this one..!

  2. Kev, Swansea says:

    Excellent article, very enjoyable analysis of the tournament, even if I do disagree with the final verdicts. It was an enjoyable tournament, but it wasn’t a great one because there was a lack of quality in too many of the teams. Italy, Holland, England, Portugal, France, they’ve all had far better teams and individual players in the recent past. I think the 2000 tournament was probably the best of all, and I would offer the view that the France team of 2000 was better than the current Spain team. It’s a game of opinions though Brian.

  3. pat says:

    Sorry Kev, whilst I agree that Italy, Holland and Portugal have had more quality in the past, England have not. England were the same as they always are it’s just that this time more English people and the English press were actually aware of how dire they are to watch. They’ve never been a good ‘footballing’ side.

    Other than that, I agree that Euro 2000 is the best. Some fantastic players at that tournament and a lot of attacking play. Always remember Totti scoring a goal from the half-way line in the final but it not counting because he hit it just after the whistle had gone for a free kick. One of the best half-way line shots I’ve seen. Wish I could find footage!

  4. pat says:

    One other thing, the level of punditry at this tournament was truly dreadful and at times downright insulting to our intelligence. Is it me or are they actually getting worse? It might just be I’d forgotten how useless they are because I haven’t watched Match of The Day – a show in need of a complete overhaul – for years. In particular I’m talking about the BBC because I even found them to be worse than ITV with Adrian Chiles… Adrian Chiles! It wouldn’t be so irritating if it weren’t for the fact that these unlikeable buffoons were paid so much money – licence money – to do what they do.

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