FIFA, Chelsea & Gael Kakuta


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7 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    I suspect that Chelsea will throw a load of money at getting the best lawyers together and the ban will be reduced, or removed altogether. Hopefully, this won’t be the case, as teams cannot continue to ride roughshod over the rules, safe in the knowledge that they can buy their way out of trouble, either through a compensation package, or through the courts.

    Sanctions of this nature are the only way to combat (and properly punish) rule breaches – anything monetary can be brushed off by a team like Chelsea.

  2. Liam says:

    If there is one young player worth taking a ban for,it has to be Kakuta.What a player this lad is.I have no doubt that Kakuta will be the most exciting player in the Premiership,within two years.

  3. I agree with Steve’s post that Chelsea will almost certainly get the ban waived: West Ham escaped what should have been rightful relegation over the Tevez affair and Spurs dodged that 12 point penalty in the Klinsmann era. Might is Right.

    There could be serious implications here – lawyers needed to be kept at arm’s length but they are becoming more and more involved. If things really get out of hand, we may even see Chelsea try to initiate a big club breakaway from FIFA and UEFA and gor for a Kerry Packer style European League. There has always been a Faustian tint to the Chelsea rise and one hopes that the payback for such wilful displays of immorality will be eventual obscurity.

  4. ejh says:

    It’s my view that this is an injustice of such magnitude that it can only be addressed by fotball supporters taking direct, public action to protest.

    I therefore propose that we undertake a mass hunger strike to persuade FIFA – and, if necessary, the Pope, President Obama and the United Nations – to have the ban reversed.

    Who’ll join me? Please pledge yourself to the Hunger Strike For Chelsea by stating below your willingness to go without food for John Terry and his colleagues – and for how long you are prepared to stick it out.

    (I pledge myself for a period not exceeding the gap between breakfast and elevenses.)

  5. Gervillian Swike says:

    Funnily enough, I don’t find Chelsea’s luring of a 16-year old player out of a French academy any more unsavoury than French clubs signing up 8-year-old boys on the understanding that they can tie them to the club when they reach adulthood. And that’s only if these children turn out to be good enough of course; if they don’t, they can piss off.

  6. Not quite sure what I find more distasteful, Chelsea’s brazen attempts at public relations… or the English press buying it.

  7. farouk says:

    ejh, i pledge along with u man may d gods of football waive awy d ban

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