An Open Letter to the Scottish Football League


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9 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    Great post. The SFL clubs have to forget the enormity of the situation and the size of the Oldco Club.

    “3. As for Rangers themselves, they must be dealt with fairly, and that means being treated the same way as other clubs would be in the same circumstances – the newly-reformed club, if denied a share to remain in the SPL, must apply for the vacancy that would be created in the third division.”

    This throws up an interesting scenario. When Annan Athletic were admitted to the SFL, one of the conditions of the application was that the club had to provide the accounts for the previous three years, to show that the owners were financially responsible. Rangers Newco have no accounts for the last three years – so even if the SFL admit Rangers Newco to the lowest division (with or without a reorganisation of the league), they’re going to have to be treated as a special case.

  2. Frank Heaven says:

    A great post Gavin, and I hope all SFL clubs follow the line of Raith, meaning ‘The Rangers’ starting at the bottom in Division Three.

    I also hope the opportunity is taken to implement a shake-up of Scottish club football, and bring in a more level playing field.

    That could start with sharing TV money equally, but should also include a share of gate receipts. In England, away teams received 20% of gate money until the early 1980s. In the NFL, 40% of revenue from the gate, exec boxes, and other concessions goes to the visiting team. That’s why a small town team like Green Bay can win the Super Bowl, and why the NFL is as well-supported as it is.

    Why not demand such an arrangement in Scottish football? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for change.

    And any redistribution of gate money would only reflect the fact that so many Old Firm fans come from other parts of Scotland.

    It might also end the tiresome two-horse league title races, which even Old Firm fans must be sick of.

  3. Roderick Duncan says:

    Agree with most of this, if rangers end up in Division 1 then there really is no point in continuing to follow this sport and the corrupt, cash hungry ‘businessmen’ who run it.

  4. Stuart says:

    Well put Gavin, but I think there is a more important issue here.
    Rangers can’t be “demoted”, as they are in liquidation and no longer exist. Sevco have simply bought some stuff that used to belong to Rangers.

    To put it another way, if the gas fitter down the road from me went bust and I bought his van, would that now make me a gas fitter?
    I can’t believe this is even being debated.

    Sevco should apply to the SFL to join the bottom tier, and take their chances along with any other club that applies, although the fact that they don’t have at least 3 years of accounts or any history of playing in senior or junior football should of course be considered fully before any decision to admit them is taken.

  5. James Christie says:

    Well said. I endorse it all.

  6. Nathan says:

    Why not let Rangers newco buy Airdrie United, change their name and use their place in the league?

    Now that would be beautiful irony.

  7. Nathan says:

    Frank, redistribution of gate money from their matches would only strengthen The Old Firm’s vice-like grip on the entire sport in Scotland if you think about it.

  8. Peter says:

    I totally agree that the newco should be punished and be placed in the third division but why not take this chance to totally shake up the scottish league!
    This playing each other a minimum of 4 times a season, splitting the league for the last 5 games is just ludicrous. In the past it was argued that the smaller teams needed to play the Old Firm 4 times for the revenue. Well this is now gone, so why not revamp the league.

    Have 2 leagues of 20 teams and just play each other home and away over the course of a season like its done in most of Europe.

  1. June 27, 2012

    […] and financially viable – certainly in Divs 2 and 3 – unlike their supposed betters. This open letter to the SFL was written by a Raith Rovers fan and puts the case very […]

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