England At Euro 2012: A “Neutral” Speaks

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  1. David Howell says:

    Don’t forget that Euro 2004 run was ended, indirectly, by Urs Meier’s “homer” of a refereeing decision to disallow a last-minute winner for the sort of contact in the box that goes completely unpunished ten times a game when that game is not a major championship match involving a host nation. (Incredibly, that was the third time in eight years that a host nation won a penalty shoot-out in the quarter-final courtesy of their opponents having a goal wrongly disallowed – and it should be noted that one of the other two beneficiaries were England in Euro ’96. The other was South Korea in 2002.)

    England’s path to the title from there was to defeat the flaky Dutch and the one-dimensional Greeks. I’m as critical of England as anyone, if I’d made bigger bets against England in major tournaments I’d probably have been able to retire off the proceeds, but even with no Rooney I’d have fancied them to win those two games and hence the tournament. There’d have been no “Little Englander” mentality against Sven then. Indeed, I’d argue that the Euro 2004 run was the best tournament England have had in my lifetime, a span that incorporates Italia ’90 and Euro ’96 in which they fluked their way to the semi-finals courtesy of a Cameroon collapse and a linesman’s error respectively.
    As for the 2012 side – if they’d swapped spots in the draw with the Dutch, England would have finished bottom of their group, and even this shambolically organised, wild-shooting Dutch side might well have got out of theirs. As you rightly observe, England were worse than at least one side who were eliminated at the first hurdle (I would say two – Denmark and Croatia).

  2. Robin Hodge says:

    Mr Dunphy’s criticisms of the English team did go a tad deeper, and were a much more honest appraisal of their overall talent than the bland machinations of the panels on ITV and BBC. See his thoughts on Henderson for example…’England can’t bring Henderson on, he’s useless’ for example. To the point and certainly not beating around the bush as Linekar etc.

  3. Karl says:

    To be fair to England very poor refereeing decisions have ejected them from these tournaments:-

    86 – Maradona goal allowed
    98 – good goal disallowed v Argentina
    2004 – good goal disallowed v Portugal
    2010 – Lampard ‘goal’. I don’t care how ‘brilliant’ the Germans were (they weren’t) 2-2 and its a different game.

    In 1990 and 1996 they were very fortunate to advance despite playing poorly for most of the time. Although to be fair they were the better side in both semi finals against Germany.

    In Euro 2012 we did ‘OK’ given the players we have.

    The rest of the time we’ve been rubbish.

    You also forgot to mention Lescott who was great.

  4. John Rogers says:

    ’98 – Shearer wrapped his forearm around Carlos Roa’s face. Correctly ruled out.

    ’10 – The Germans might not have been great, but they were massively better than England were. The disallowed goal just meant that we lost 4-1 instead of 4-2.

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