I Come To Bury Rangers, Not To Praise Them

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26 Responses

  1. geester says:

    and who are you? your article title tells me everying i need to know about your opinion before I even scanned your commentary…you should get a job with sky or the dailymail.
    Try being subjective….it will get you further in life

  2. John C F says:

    Chapeau Sir, well put!

  3. AMMS says:

    I don’t suppose at some point in the future 200% might try and find someone else to offer some balance to ‘Mark’?
    Mark’s focus is consistently about the ‘corporate’, club directors, administrators, funders and the media, all more than adequately covered by the mainstream media already.

    How about the supporters story, on every major Rangers based messageboard the supporters have, overwhelmingly, voted to rejoin the Scottish game in Division 3. The alienation and disengagement felt by the support towards the club and the game in Scotland should interest you.

    It might offer some insights other than ‘Mark’ regurgitating what’s already in the public realm and doing his ‘let’s all laugh at Rangers’ bit again and again.

    Just an observation.

  4. Jay says:

    F’n brilliant!!! Great job!!!

  5. joemaley says:


  6. Mick says:

    Can you link us to any of these overwhelming votes please?

  7. Don says:

    ..Exactly..what about the Rangers fans that have always paid their dues?..not one word from anywhere in the mhedia …yet another hack having a sly kick…

  8. Ed says:

    This is a tremendous article. The complaints about the lack of fans input into it miss the point entirely. It is a total irrelevance whether or not RFC fans are ‘voting on messagebords’ to restart in Division 3. Surely you’ve noticed supporters opinion count for nothing in football business these days…

  9. Frank says:

    The claim that Craig Whyte not paying tax bills was “more serious than anything other than match-fixing” does not stand up to scrutiny (no matter who made it). Suppose a club was pumping its players full of drugs, not only enhancing their performance but also endangering their health? Wouldn’t that be worse then Whyte not paying the bills?

    Also, Rangers have indeed been punished already. The club has had a 10-point penalty, cannot play in European football for at least 3 seasons, and had had four fines totalling £160,000. A transfer embargo was also imposed but that sanction was found to be improper. I would expect a replacement for that penalty plus other sanctions.

    As for EBTs they were a common tax-saving device – and the tax tribunal is still to give its ruling on how Rangers administered theirs. Even Celtic had an EBT, for their player Juninho.

  10. hattersfan says:

    ” the (Rnagers)supporters have, overwhelmingly, voted to rejoin the Scottish game in Division 3″ says AMMS. This sums up the arrogance and continued hubris of ‘ra peepul’ who think they can determine for themselves the sanctions to be handed out – it’s like the family of a guily man deciding what sentence the court must hand down.

    And AMMS, if you don’t like Marks’ articles here then I am sure you can publish you own point of view here. That’s the beauty of the internet given it was so called ‘internet bampots’ that brought Rangers many misdemeanours to light as the MSM had all taken the Murray bawbees.

  11. Don says:

    ..@..Hattersfan…What are Rangers fans guilty of?…Are you saying Rangers fans are no longer entitled to an opinion?…As far as i,m aware not one Rangers fan knew what Whyte and Murray were doing and if we did i,m sure we would have had something to say…

  12. Gus Jackson says:

    Nice ironic post hatter, bets I’ve read for a wee while.
    You really haven’t thought your post through, have you.
    Why is it “arrogant” to prefer one of the stated penalties?
    Last season, Rangers attracted about one third of the total SPL attendances. That fraction will have to be matched by “Club 12″ whoever that might be in order for all members to receive the same matchday income.
    Is that arrogance or fact?

    I hope you and your like keep announcing your hatred for my Club. Not only will it eat you up, it will help the entire Rangers’ support to stay focused and remain determined to survive.
    Such supposed “sporting integrity” will come back to haunt the Clubs who wished to see us “buried”.

  13. Tubby says:


    Still no contrition, still no remorse just the same old excuses.

    A big boy did it and ran away.

    You’re guilty as charged..deal with it.

  14. Malkatraz says:

    I’m a Rangers fan, and I’m disgusted by the likes of Malcolm Murray & Charles Green and their shameless attempts to get the club off the hook.

    We need to take our medicine and face the consequences of the actions of David Murray’s stewardship of the club. We were happy enough to celebrate when the going was good (apparently), we should now man up and take our punishment. SFL Division 3 with a team full of kids, if need be.

    As for blame, well it’s clear that SDM and his sycophants in the Scottish media must shoulder a large portion of it, but us Rangers fans should also be looking at ourselves.

  15. MaxX says:

    Let’s be realistic here.
    Up until the merede hit the fan, rangers home attendance was lucky to hit c17thou.

  16. AMMS says:

    @Mick – look on gersnet, Follow Follow or rangersmedia, they aren’t hidden.

    @Ed – actually, in recent days it seems to be the opposite, clubs falling over themselves to appease their support for a change. My point is nothing ‘Mark’ wrote isn’t already very widely known or widely reported on, perhaps another direction might offer something new for a site such as this.

    @Hatterfan – jeez, way to miss the point. The point of the Div 3 polls is that even most Rangers fans think we should have to start again. For some reason no one seems to want to hear that voice in all this mess. And i’m one step a head of you regarding the beauty of the internet..http://www.gersnet.co.uk/

  17. yogamonkey says:

    great piece of work. hopefully no more loaded dice in Scottish football..

  18. Paddybhoy says:

    Superb article, and great summing up of the story so far.
    Sporting Integrity must be of paramount importance over financial gain. Cheating must NEVER be seen to win!!!

  19. noodle says:

    why are the Rangers fans saying they’ve been punished enough?? the 10 points deduction is automatic when a team goes into administration, that’s EVERY team, the 3 year loss of European football is because it’s a newco and those are the rules of UEFA, Rangers as a football don’t exist anymore and Newco don’t have any history (accounts), the SFA/SPL have waited all this time for someone else to to the dirty deed (HMRC) and put Rangers out of the game but they still have a duty to reveal just how far the cheating went and how it affected all the other teams not just in Scotland but in Europe, UEFA will get involved as we get to the bottom of the dual contracts and the ‘illegal’ players that played in those games, your club haven’t been punished for their crimes in full yet, please spare us the ‘fans are the victims’ here as well, what about the fans of all the other clubs who apent their time and money going to games when the deck was loaded from the start, as it stands it’s hard to see ANY newco team starting the season in any league Scottish or not, maybe a year out of the game will see some newco fans show some contrition towards the fans of other clubs who were cheated for at least 12 years

  20. Allan says:

    Two points.

    Firstly, the Aberdeen fans quoted about three quarters of the way through your piece found that if 300 season ticket holders did not re-new their season ticket’s, it would wipe out any “economic benefit” of keeping “The Rangers” in the SPL. That’s an awfully low threshold, which is probably why so many club chairman are frankly bricking it while they look for their backbone’s.

    Secondly, as far as i’m aware, there’s no match fee from the televison contract. All the money is divided up pre-season. Remember, we are not talking about billions of pounds here, we’re talking about peanuts for sticking a game on at lunchtime Saturday’s and Sundays – not primetime.

  21. A Neutral says:

    Amms – previous posts asked about a poll of Rangers fans’ opinions. You’ve linked a thread on one of your forums. Do you seriously think any neutral is going to wade through 116 pages?!

  22. Eve R Bee N'duped says:

    Gus J – it says much more about you than me when you say “I hope you and your like keep announcing your hatred for my Club. I am also far from ‘eaten up’ by Rangers’ plight but if you want to be a martyr the that’s up to you and your inferiority complex.

    My club were massively punished for the sins of others and three plus years we are STILL suffering the consequences but why does a hankering for justice and fair play by football fans in Scotland who are not Rangers supporters become ‘hatred’? If my next door neighbour built a massive extension on his house, bought better cars than I could afford, went on regular exotic holidays and enjoyed a lifestyle funded simply because he didn’t pay his income tax and NI bit paid every penny I was due then I would have every right to want him brought to book and it seems to me that what the majority of Scottish fans want; it’s not motivated by hatred but out of a sense of fair play and not to be cheated.

  23. Gary says:

    What puzzles me is why the HMRC did not step in well before all this came to light. You cannot tell me that tax demands etc that went unpaid did not alert anyone about this situation. This is nothing to do with the fans. You tell me a fan who knows exactly what is going on behond the scenes of a club. There will be a lot of clubs looking over there shoulders over this. Rangers might be the first but definitely not the last. As for Bury. Who in their right mind us going to travel down there.

  24. Tam says:

    Well written article… this whole episode is an embarrassment to scotland. The SFA , referees , media were all involved with the Rangers WATP and freemason agenda. How the mighty have fallen. Referees benefiting from EBTs, Rangers fielding illegible players in european games as well as in the SPL and the head of the SFA admitting ” I might have signed some papers ” A disgrace and anything other than div 3 would not be harsh enough.

  25. Johnfae Paisley says:

    Gus Jacksonsays, “Last season, Rangers attracted about one third of the total SPL attendances. That fraction will have to be matched by “Club 12″ whoever that might be in order for all members to receive the same matchday income.”
    Absolute drivel. Rangers may indeed have attracted one third of attendance but, since the clubs keep their OWN gate receipts and most away games for the now defunct Rangers were televised deterring the Ibrox hordes from travelling it doesn’t equate to such a loss for other teams.
    As for the so called punishments.
    10 point deduction due to going into administration, not liquidation. £160,000 for various breaches of rules. The fact is, if this newco wishes to be a pheonix cluba and wishes to inherit all that is Rangers they must be willing to accept ALL of that is Rangers. The reason for the various penalties, (NOT PUNISHMENT) is due to the fact that the ex club committed so many breaches of the football rules and indeed laws of the land.
    And the people who followed Rangers still think they’ve been punished?
    A guy commits twenty crimes but the judge says, “Well sir. I’ve fined you a fiver for the first one. It’s only fair now that I let you off with 18 and allow you to decide your punishment for the last! Is that ok?”
    Get real. This newco doesn’t even meet the mandatory criteria to be allowed to compete in any division of professional football let alone the top league in our country.

  26. kentrebel says:

    Lrt’s for a moment put to one side the cheating of HMRC and therefore the loss to the public purse and by extension mine and everyone elses pockets

    By their use of our money to pay players and other bills, Rangers, and others such as Pompey etc etc, cheated the fans of every other club they played during this period; Not just SPL clubs but also any SFL clubs they played in cup competitions

    As far as I am concerned, that fact should determine their punishment by Football authorities; punishment by the courts is determined by their breaking of UK law re HMRC etc

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