Next Years FA Cup May Leave A Nasty Taste In The Mouth


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10 Responses

  1. Vincent Forrester says:

    Spot on, it’s a thoroughly bizarre scenario. You mention that money has gone into the facilities, but my Sunday League team played our cup final at Wembley FC a couple of months ago and it certainly didn’t look like a club that had recently been invested in.

  2. John Rogers says:

    The investment only began towards the tale end of last season. By the end of April, the bar had been completely stripped out and there was breeze blocks all around the ground, backs missing to the terracing behind one goal and such like.

    It’ll be interesting to see exactly what the ground looks like come the start of next season. As a ground-sharing Hendon fan, it’ll be nice to play in an improved ground next term even though I have a number of worries for the long-term future of WFC.

  3. Addo says:

    Wembley fc are making themselves into a laughing staff. How can anyone take them seriously now ?

  4. Timothy Green says:

    As a Wembley irregular over the last few seasons, I’m somewhat baffled by all this. And I haven’t a clue what the twenty or so regulars are going to make of it…

  5. Ian H says:

    I think this is quite attrocious on behalf of a) Budweiser and b) Wembley FC.
    I accept Wembley will get additional publicity and cash, an important commodity in todays game. However, if I was a Wembley player turning up to trianing twice a week and trolling around the various venues of the CCL for 9 months of the season, I would be seriously put out that my place in the side for FA cup games are being taken by a load of retired internationals, especially one who has been banned for drugs misuse in the past.
    Even players at CCL level thrill at playing in the FA Cup. To be left out in these cricumstances would seriously grate with me.
    As stated above, this has potential to become something of a pantomime and I think seriously damages the reputation of the FA Cup almost as much as Manchester United’s refusal to enter, and the weakened squads regularly peddled by many of the bigger teams.

  6. Jamie says:

    I hope they get knocked out in the first game by an even smaller club. There are decent undiscovered players at this level, who maybe can’t commit lots of fitness training due to work commitments, or have decent jobs so don’t want to play football full time, to have a load of 40+ year olds who haven’t kicked a ball in years is hugely disrespectful, making out current players will never be good enough.

  7. Paul says:

    Someone out there must have taken ‘inspiration’ from Simon Cliffords publicity attempts at Garforth Town, the same club that have featured Socrates, Careca and Lee Sharpe at some point in their past, and also tried to sign Cafu

  8. Robert says:

    I really object to your tone of coverage of the sponsors, who you describe as an “American fizzy beer-peddling company”. “American”, yes. “Company”, yes. “fizzy2, yes. “peddling”, yes. “Beer”?? No way. Never.

  9. Ian H says:

    Good shout Robert.

  10. John Rogers says:

    I always get frustrated when people say Manchester United ‘refused’ to compete in the FA Cup just over a decade ago. The amount of pressure the Government and the FA themselves put on the club to take part in the farcical World Club Championship as they thought, idiotically, that their appearance would boost the 2006 World Cup bid was immense.

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