“Stop Bunching!” – Are Tactics All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

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  1. Jertzee says:

    Funnily enough, players do bunch together. Sometimes worse than schoolkids.

    I watch League 2 football, and in one respect, it is no different to most leagues, even non league.

    That one time that the players act the same is when a goal kick is being taken.

    You will then see 20 men gather in an area, on one side of the pitch (because the goalkeeper cannot possibly aim his kick slightly to the other side to compensate for the hook/slice). This area will also be compacted to no more than 10 yards either side of the half way line.

    Every week this happens, without fail…except…
    except for the time that one set of visitors came down to Kingsmeadow, left a wideman on the OTHER side of the pitch and when the goalie kicked it out to him (ignoring the other 19 players) they scored 5 seconds later.

    I think it was Accrington but I can’t remember.
    All I know is that for years we have said “Stick someone out wide, give him the ball and you’ll score!”..and we were right.

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