Euro 2012: Croatia 3-1 Republic Of Ireland

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3 Responses

  1. Johnny says:

    Nice report, Mark. I think the main problem here is that if Ireland concede, they don’t have much going forward to make up for it. I was thinking to myself that Robbie Keane was anonymous, but had to be fair in reaching the conclusion that he had had no supply with which to do anything. If Ireland play like they did last night in their last two group games, they could take thumpings (if their opponents really go for it, that is). Hopefully, Ireland will show a bit more, if only so the matches are exciting for a neutral.

  2. Steve Thomas says:

    Bit harsh re: “second phase of play”. It was the correct decision. Jelavic was off-side when the shot came in, but it didn’t go to him.

    The loose ball (from the blocked shot) was then sliced to Jelavic by Ward. The ball didn’t come to Jelavic off Ward’s shin. He attempted to clear a loose ball.

  3. Steve Thomas says:

    Forgot to say though, a good read. :-)

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