Ripping Up Traditions, The Cardiff City Way


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22 Responses

  1. Mac says:

    The club were losing over £1m a month , the investment will clear historical debt and allow the club to not just survive but move forward. New training facillities , new investment in the playing squad , expansion of the stadium etc Its not all doom and gloom and we stay CARDIFF CITY FC.

    Ideally we would have loved to have stayed Blue AND have the investment. But you look at the likes of Pompey and Rangers , ask a Pompey fan if they would have changed colour to secure the investment , I think they propably would have and that was the situation we were in. It is financially tough times for all and our clubs are not immune to this. This has provided security and a future for Cardiff City FC

  2. Ian Ballinger says:

    Whilst i am anti the colour change, I am wondering where it is published that our new nickname is the Red Dragons?

    Also i believe the Cardiff City Stadium (also a very poor name!) was being built before the Malaysians were involved. Happy to be corrected.

  3. Tim Vickerman says:

    I look forward to seeing the massive surge in support from football supporters in Malaysia much like Blackburn have benefitted from in India…oh.

    The only way to gain ‘international support’ is to spunk billions on ‘big name’ international footballers and play consistently in the Champions League like Chelsea. Even Manchester City haven’t yet broken through as a well-supported team abroad. That the owners have insisted on this condition to provide investment doesn’t reflect well on them at all.

  4. Ciaran McElaine says:

    Im not a Cardiff fanbut im pretty disgusted with this rebranding of a club with a fantastic fan base and own sense of history.

    This colour shift will matter not one jot in the long term. Totally sick of foreign owners coming in and do what the hell the like.Talk about being held to ransome…change or we are off??.

    Good luck seriously!!.I give it five years before your fans speak out and you revert back to Blue.Looking like Man Utd isnt going to make someone in India buy a CCFC shirt.Madness!.

    All the best Blue Birds!!.

  5. Alex says:

    The absurdity of this is the “we’re losing a million quid a month! We need this investment!” excuse.

    You don’t need investment. You need to cut your outgoings, like any normal business would.

    But even if you accept the need for investment, there’s no reason except the personal whim of the owner for the colours to be changed.

    Why aren’t there Football League rules against this kind of thing?

  6. Dan Braddock says:

    Whereas many clubs have changed kit colour since they were formed Cardiff City have pretty much kept the same colours since 1908. The shade of blue has changed.

  7. Mac says:

    The owners are trying to repair the historical debt and put the club on a solid footing!!! I’d rather have a club to support than none at all!!! Like I said Ideally playing in Blue!!! The mess created by previous owners has forced this upon us , if you can find another investor prepaired to step in and keep the club afloat whilst playing in Blue then please enlighten me?!?! I’d be delighted with that. Plus we as fans dont have a say , what fans do anymore???!!!!

    Any ideas welcome????? still waiting????
    1st choice , remain in Blue (duh) with no investment , enter admin within a few weeks.
    2nd choice , play at home in Red with investment. Ensure the long term future of the club.

  8. Martin says:

    Dragons are considered lucky in China, as is the colour red. I have no idea what Malaysian’s think, but their probably all triads as well. (hehe…)

    No seriously I mean if it is the whim of the owner and in return he will give 40m or more then the fans should line up to kiss his feet really, as the poster above says, it may be the alternative thanks to Sam Hammam was bankruptcy.

    I am also reminded of the people I meet in life who support a team because they like their shirts, I make a note of mocking them, sometimes openly.

  9. Steve Thomas says:

    Another alternative of course is to cut the outgoings so the club isn’t losing £1m per month.

    It’s not all about the Premier League you know. Except of course, it is, it seems.

    Good luck selling your soul for one day in the distant future finishing 9th in the EPL. Result.

  10. HARRY says:

    Hey, casual racism and uncritical sucking up to foreign oligarchs- never an easy double to pull off, top marks Martin.

  11. Alex says:

    Here’s the other thing, the investment has been sold in conjunction with the ‘rebrand’ (hate that word in a football context, urgh) but the real question is…why do they want red as a colour so much? Why does the money HAVE to be accompanied by a colour change? If they wanted red, weren’t there other clubs they could buy? Bristol City? Wrexham?

  12. Jay says:

    Late 19th century, early 20th century so many clubs chose a community over a company to become succesful and fans became part of their club. Thank you supporters …

    Only investing when colours and logo are changed, isn’t a good strategy. If I was CCFC-fan I would be very worried about the future of my club. The historic debt can become more historical.

    If the CCFC-team isn’t performing on the pitch, I’m sure many fans will turn their back (if that isn’t already the case right now).

  13. Gareth says:

    This might be a bit “how the other half lives,” but I’d note that in most American sports, teams change colours and crests without a second thought but think that shirt sponsorship is a Faustian bargain.

    It’s worth thinking about that in the midst of this big laundry controversy.

  14. Mike Bayly says:

    Similar parallels with the Hyde United situation where – ironically – they changed their colours from red to blue as part of a tie in with Man City

    I wonder if Cardiff would have changed their strip if the investors wanted them to play in white?

  15. reading fan says:

    Proofs in the pudding. If the Vincent Tan will bring investment and success, he should show his hand first, and impose his whims after, say, promotion. No one will buy championship shirts in Asia anyway. So far Cardiff have no investment and are being changed into a team representing Wales, not the city of Cardiff. Almost mkdons-esque. I feel very sorry for the fans.

  16. mike says:

    Re Mike Bayly’s comment – interesting that Hyde reverted to red for 2011-12 (while keeping the Man City connection), won the Blue Square North and will now be entertaining the likes of Stockport, Luton, Grimsby etc. No necessary connection, of course …

  17. Jam says:

    As a Watford fan I can’t stand Cardiff. No club has caused us more trouble in the last 10 years than them. Ripping us off with transfers, tapping up players, fans kicking off, not to mention their more general cheating with dubious loan signings and constant winding up orders. They’re the one club I’d be happy to see go into administration and drop down a division or two.

    However, I’d hate to see the current developments take place at my club and I’m sure there must be a small minority of decent human beings who deserve sympathy amongst Cardiff’s mob of fans.

    If the Malaysian dream of a single Welsh club is to come to pass, then – Come on Swansea!

  18. Gareth J says:

    There’s already a Welsh club, playing in red and nicknamed the Dragons- Wrexham FC. If CCFC do want to sell their identity why do they want compound the sin by nicking Wrexham’s identity at the same time?

  19. Pompey Andy says:

    would you rather see your club go bust or have to sell your best players?
    its just a colour,(the colour of money,granted) but at least your clubs future is secure.

    Wish they would have invested in pompey instead tho!

  20. Gary says:

    I’m a Luton fan and a similar thing happened to us a couple of years ago. To tie in with a sponsorship from easyjet our home kit was changed from white to orange. It wasn’t as stronger change as all it meant for us was switching our home and away kits around. For Cardiff to change from blue to red is quite baffling really. no one from Asia is gonna buy a Cardiff shirt just because it is red. If they want a red football shirt they will buy Man u, Liverpool or Arsenal.

  21. Jertzee says:

    I wonder whether “Mac” and similar thinkers will complain about being deducted 10 points when these owners leave, they go into administration.

    Followed by the “why should we be punished for the previous owners?”

    Disaster waiting to happen. Just remember the Blackburn fans cheering the chicken people when they turned up.

  22. Mac says:

    JAM – fair play pal , still on the bitter I see?!?!?

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