Birmingham City Prove That All That Glitters May Not Be Gold

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4 Responses

  1. the bluetongue says:

    If it wasn’t for the Gold bros,Sullivan and Brady then BCFC would have ceased to exist as a club many years ago. I have had plenty of beef with the board over the years but cannot ignore the fact that these guys rescued my club. St Andrews was falling down, the club was on the edge of bankruptcy and there wasn’t a youth set-up. We were a shambles. I think your comments are unfair. KRO

  2. Alan Richards says:

    I find the personal attack on David Gold to be offensive and reduces anything else that is written to be of dubious value. I wonder how the writer has his hair arranged or is he bald? Please do tell us – it will be of more interest than the appalling article.

  3. Mark Murphy says:


    My criticisms of Gold, Sullivan and Brady refer almost totally to the last three to five years and, in Gold’s case, to his attitude to non-Birmingham football matters.

    If that doesn’t do them justice for earlier work then by all means redress the balance. I’m not a Birmingham fan, so I bow to your knowledge of those days.

  4. Mark Murphy says:

    Alan Richards,

    Ginger hair, greying at the temples. Which means I know plenty about being abused for my hair, enough not to take it remotely seriously anyway.

    I actually like his hair, really. I’m just jealous, because I’ll have nothing like it when I get to his age.

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