Rangers: It Was The Daily Record Wot Won It

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  1. AMMS says:

    What’s the point of this piece? The blaming of the Daily Record for all Scottish football’s ills is becoming a cliche even for Celtic fans now, yet it still get’s trotted out fairly regularly, and it’s not like Celtic fans have any axe to grind with the Record, real or imagined, is it?

    Only the most one-eyed could have failed to understand the main thrust of yesterdays press conference. The point being made was that Duff & Phelps are dragging this on and on despite there being no better deals on offer. The Miller deal wasn’t a better offer, it didn’t stack up, yet D&P still decided to give them preferred bidder status. Why? Now a mystery last minute bidder is looking the favourite, again why?
    Whatever your views of TBK and BK at least their bid is real, at least we know who they are and they have the money they say they have, unlike previous owners and other bidders. THey are entitled to ask why they are being ignored in favour of no one.
    D&P’s reply was disingenuous at best, also,worth seeking the reply to it from the lawyer at Walker Morris which was made public last night.

    I don’t expect you to care, but time is short, for us this is pretty serious now. When the only bidders are continually rejected in favour of imaginary bidders or ones who don’t actually have what they bid then we’ve a right to feel angry.

    How about 200% try and find someone to write about the Rangers situation who isn’t a member of the Green Brigade or Alex Thomson lite?

  2. What gets me with all this copy is a kind of ‘it cant possibly happen’ mentality in the western press. Of course it can – and probably will now – happen. Read it:Glasgow Rangers FC can go bust and disappear.

    Compare the death of the Light Blues with the death of the Dark Blues: Dundee FC. The Dee fans poured money in to save the club. Twice. United bought the stadium to help save their rivals. Everyone in Dundee – particularly The Courier – did everything possible to save Dundee. And save it they did.

    All we have seen from Rangers fans and the press is hot air. Rangers till I die? Rangers till July, more like it.

  3. AS says:

    Good piece which was doing o welll in revealing the nakedly complicit and embarassingly unobjective coverage of the Blue Knights by the Record. A cynic might think Exclusive by Keith Jackson (even when it’s ripped from another paper) was on a job offer from Paul Murray or something. But the piece went astray when it started quoting Graham Spiers, a man who is no longer a football journalist.
    yet this hasn’t stopped him tarting himself around every broadcast outlet in Scotland spouting off inspite of rhe fact he speaks to none of the main protagnists. If Spiers sees a cat in the street now he mistakes it for a boom mic and stops to offer an opinion (similar to that alreqdy voiced on Scotland Tonight about 10 mins earlier).
    It’s pathetic that the outlets concerned think Rangers fans would want to hear the same old views from a blatant, naked self publicist who spends most of his week preparing to present a golf show no one listens to while bonin up on Rangers events be reading the work of journalists who actually ARE talking to the main figures. Note to broadcasters : change the record eh?

  4. the sooner they’re gone the better for scottish football,

  5. G. says:

    In 1994 a section of Scotland couldnt wait for Celtic to die when they had their own troubles, they never got the same coverage as this, they didnt have politicians declaring the world as we know it would die if poor Celtic died. The end is near for Rangers…..it wouldnt be a bad thing, football will go on, the world will go on, the daily record….you guessed it….will go on, the blue knights saga will go on…..But in these last days, if there is blood spilt then i hope to god Brian Kennedy is there to say sorry.

  6. Mark Murphy says:


    The point of the piece was just to commemorate the Blue Knights latest final departure from the bidding race for Rangers. The energy with which the Daily Record has backed the Knights will be nothing like as familiar to English readers as to many in Scotland.

    I didn’t include in-depth analysis on the written contretemps between Kennedy and Hinchcliffe simply because I wrote this piece last night. Sorry.

    I think the points you make on D&P’s conduct are very good ones. If you’ve read some of my previous Rangers stuff, you’ll know that I share your concerns, and more, on D&P’s disingenuousness.

    In fact, you could do worse than write a few pieces yourself about the Rangers situation. Based on the evidence above, they’d be good ones.


    Sorry to quote Spiers. But he did accidentally stumble upon a key point – the difference between the money the Knights have and the money they are prepared to put in. They can afford to make it impossible for D&P to ignore them. They should do so.

  7. Billy Mortimer says:

    seems like john sutherland is a bit of a bead rattler.
    Well i hope this situation doesnt become on your team again and if it does i dont suppose you’l wish the same sanctions that you obviously wish on the Gers

    We ARE the People

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