Red Mist Descends for The Bluebirds


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4 Responses

  1. Billy says:

    This rumour is a joke, I can’t believe people are taking it so seriously.

    Firstly, the statement from the club is clear as crystal, there is even a photo to show what they mean.

    The stadium has no writing inside it, nothing is written on the seats at all, just a swirly design. There are no banners or paintings etc. This is because two different clubs were using it and so they decided to make it a stadium with no strong team identity.

    The statement then talks about branding. Not re-branding. Re-branding would be worrying and suggest that they are going to change the history and heritage of the club.

    Branding suggests they are going to put the Cardiff City FC name around the stadium, like CCFC on the seats for example.

    But even more obvious than this is the following sentence:

    “It also provides the ability and impetus for us to fully brand Cardiff City Stadium, celebrating our history and heritage across concourses and other supporter areas”

    How exactly are they going to celebrate history and heritage by completely re-branding the club with a new badge, kit and nickname? They aren’t, which is why the statement says brand the stadium across concourses and other supporter areas. Not re-brand the club with a dragon on the badge.

    What to expect? Things like murals and banners, probably mostly blue in colour and with bluebirds on them.

    2 + 2 = 5 much?

  2. Billy says:


    Anyone checked the Cardiff City crest recently?

    What is in the top right corner?

    Oh deary me Cardiff fans, you’ve been had.

  3. Ed says:

    Billy, I would read this if I were you, it certainly doesn’t sound like just rumours to me.

  4. Billy,

    The club have announced this evening that the kit for next season will be red/black/red.

    You’re right, we’ve been had. Big time.

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