Another Week On The Edge For Rangers

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  1. Johnny says:

    “Underpinning all of this is a misplaced, unattractive sense of entitlement among Rangers support. ”

    Yes, and another example of Walter Smith’s complaint that the sanctions could mean Rangers were relegated. The undertone was as if this was all too unfair, and that poor Rangers had hardly done anything to deserve it. I may have my facts wrong, but weren’t Chelsea once slapped with a transfer ban by UEFA or FIFA for tapping a player up (for some reason John Obi Mikel leaps to mind). A far lesser crime, and just as much time for it.

    An excellent article again. I really have to say that I would not want any Scottish club to go under, but the lack of any sense of contrition amongst Rangers’ top brass brings me closer to wanting that to happen than I have ever felt. A total sense of ‘ah, but ye’re havin’ us on, right? Ye cannae really dae aw that tae us!’ about it. Take your punishment like everyone else would have to, and move on.

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