Northwich Victoria: Time To Step Away From This Sinking Ship


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9 Responses

  1. Wittoner says:

    There is a 4th choice.

    Come and watch Witton.

    Im not saying this to troll, or wind anyone up, and I realise that on the face of it, it seems ludicrous. But we are a local club, run by volunteers, friends, families, welcoming to all.

    Any Vics fan that wants to show their support to a club that acts properly, rather than a man who acts like a crook, is welcome.

  2. Merthyr Man says:

    As a Merthyr fan who spent 5 years fighting a similar individual, all I can say to the Northwich Trust members is to keep fighting. Eventually you will get your club. Go on strike, do nothing, give them no money – just keep going to the games so you all have a focus and presence at your club. Put up banners, sing songs and make the owners feel uncomfortable. We tried being nice, pleasant and supportive ourselves to begin with but once you realise who and what you are dealing with there is only one outcome – self ownership with the rotten directors gone.

    We had a three division relegation and lost use of our ground. But tomorrow should see us win back to back promotions and this title win will be at our own ground. Crowds have doubled and the club is run strictly to the income it genertaes by no more than 20 volunteers. I doubted we could do it many times along the road, but you will find that it is possible and although hard work is not that difficult once the initial stumbling blocks are put aside. Supporters Direct will help you, but you have to really help yourselves first.

    Best of luck with this fight.

  3. Vics For Ever says:

    Why would any one want to go and watch Witton?

    Re group and take the vics back to where they belong.

  4. Vics For Ever says:

    Why would any one want to go and watch Witton?

    Re group and take the vics back to where they belong.

  5. Northwicher says:

    I’m sorry Wittoner but that is a wind-up. How did Witton councillors “act properly” in turning down the planning application for the Victoria Stadium, against all advice from their officers, forcing the directors of the pre-Connett era to try and fail to get a bridging loan , giving that man the opening to take over our club. You must be feeling very smug right now.

  6. NRP says:

    Starting a new club is the way forward. NV will die at this groundshare that is proposed. Leave Jim Rushe with his shell of a club and all the debt…..cut off his revenue stream from tickets/merchandise…..start a club that the NV fans can run themselves, and build it up. Good luck from an AFC Wimbledon fan who has been through it all.

  7. vics don't know what they want says:

    I was at the protest game as an FCUM fan. Vics fans seem split on the idea of self ownership and were arguing amongst themselves. Whatever the outcome good luck …

  8. Oxo says:

    I can only echo the thoughts of Merthyr Man. Yesterday we won promotion back to the Southern League. Four years ago we genuinely thought that the club was going to die but with the guidance from Supporters Direct plus belief in ourselves the Merthyr Supporters Trust brought pride back to Penydarren Park.

    There were more than a few challenges along the way but we overcame them together and now we have a community focussed football club that lives within its means. It’s great to own your own football club.

    Good luck to the Vics, I remember them visiting us in our Conference days and I visited the Drill Field a couple of times. Great supporters who can make a difference.

    Good luck.

  9. Merthyr man says:

    We also had a massive split in our support. The directors organised a fans committee on the same nights the trust had their meetings and there were as many people in both meetings. You have to keep telling the idiots supporting these rotten directors what it is the people they love have been doing. you need to act on getting shot of these people or if they will not go, form your own club.. What is the alternative? Supporting these people in destroying your club. It’s not going to get any better with those involved so someone has to leave the relationship. It’s either them or you. Once we saw this being the only decision on the table, the path to take was obvious.

    I’m frustrated just listening to your plight as it is just a carbon copy of Merthyr. You need to act soon to deliver your own happy ending.

    By the way we did win the league in front of 800 fans. southern League here we come. Best of luck.

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