Collateral Damage, Sheffield United & The Ched Evans Case


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8 Responses

  1. Jeremy Gilmour says:

    Although I deplore the fact that people have been “spreading their poison” as you so delecately phrase it you really have to see the whole context of this. You are correct that people should not vent their spleen on twiter but people have been given the whole trial on twitter minute by minute, had a massive vested interest in the outcome, have heard all the evidence available to them and are in the typical SARA phase of an major incident. I have gone through the first phase of SARA as in Shock and the Anger was on Saturday when the Blades lost I still had feelings that it couldn’t have happened (Rejection) but am now moving to Acceptance. Which if you look at more and more postings on the net thats where most people associated with the Blades are. I refrained from posting my feelings but some obviously wanted others to share their feelings or search for other like minded people. To just call them names is a bit moronic and demonstrates a staggering lack of empathy. I am a Blades fan but didn’t lash out on twitter but having seen everything that transpired I fully understand why others compelled themselves to do so even if I don’t condone it. I wouldn’t call them names for it but try to understand why people felt strongly enough to do it. If you are a football person who has just seen their star player go through this, essentially destroying your entire season from one of sucess to that of failure then surely you can understand the emotion? My final words are for those of the girl who IS the victim. Chedwyn has been found guilty of rape and is due to start his prison sentence. I hope that justice gives her some peace, although it must be aweful for her to have this go through the courts in the glare of publicity, and to have it happen to her, I hope she now can move on in her life which is going to be very difficult for her.

  2. Lee says:

    ‘I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’ – unfortunately in this case the state only wants us to tell the truth that it considers appropriate.

  3. Philip Dobson says:

    A thoughtful analysis. Thank you

  4. Pool says:

    The part of this unfortunate situation that i’m struggling with is that if evans was convicted then surely macdonald goes down too, i followed the trial and could find nothing which seperated the two defendants, surely if the lady involved was too drunk to consent to one, then she was also too drunk to consent to the other? So either they’re both guilty, or both innocent…

    Can anyone explain this?

  5. Laura says:

    Can anyone explain this?

    Why are so many men on commenting on this case finding this hard to fathom?Its disturbing.

    I can’t believe I have to explain this but here goes. Consenting to one man does not automatically mean consenting to another who decides to turn up. There.

    If you have sex with a girl does that give your mate the right to have sex with her after, whether or not she agrees to it??? I think you already knew the answer to your question.

    The victim as per the news reports regarding the case, asked to go back with, and got in a taxi with, McDonald and (with evidence 90% of which we are not privy to) the judge and jury found her to have consented.

    Evans, randomly turned up later, having tricked hotel reception into getting a keycard to get into the room without being invited in, and the girl (again judged to not have consented on evidence 90% of which has not been reported, and video evidence of the encounter filmed on a phone), is judeged not to have consented to Evans.

    Do you know how hard it is to get a rape conviction and sentence? That fact that this case ended in one suggests concrete reasons,possibly via the video evidence, that the girl was in no fit state/aware to consent by the time Evans arrived.

    Either way we can all have our viewpoint and assumptions but a jury and court of the land have had all of the evidence before them and judged the situation, randoms on the internet, me and you included, are probably less well placed to assume they know better.

  6. Chris says:

    Surely McDonald was at least guilty of allowing the girl to be raped by ched Evans. (is this not a criminal offence)
    Justice is not always right you know.
    I no of at least 5 people who have been imprisoned wrongly.
    The justice system dosent always work.

  7. Sufc roobz says:

    #freeched #justiceforched

  1. April 26, 2012

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