Rangers, Alex Thomson & Presbytarian Slaps

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  1. Player 1 says:

    The twitter quote Alex Thomson supplied as “evidence” was from a Parody twitter account of former journalist David Leggat. The account was set up to parody and make a fool of Leggat.

    It appears to have backfired and made Celtic supporter’s tamed journalist d’jour Alex Thomson look like as bit of a tit. Is he now ready to follow useful idiot and odious creep Graham Spiers into infamy and unemployment?

  2. George says:

    Ouch. The smug Mr Thomson’s “I have in my hand a piece of paper” routine has rebounded massively. Didn’t he do any kind of basic check on the bogus Twitter account? Just looking at some of the other posts from it would have told him everything. Even the Twitter name was a huge clue as it insulted the ex-journalist concerned. Mr Thomson failed to do basic checks or apply basic critical faculties. And his main thrust has been to criticise other journalists!

    Not that the other journalists are exempt from criticism. Some of them aren’t very good at writing about actual football so why on earth should they be good at covering finance? As for the financial journalists there’s a suspicion that for a long time they didn’t want to lower themselves to write about a football club and, to be fair, there are much bigger stories in purely financial terms.

  3. hattersfan says:

    No, but mant Rangers (IA) players are. The truth hurts doesn’t Player 1(which soumnd more like the number of guys you will have left by July!)

  4. Galatians, Chapter 6, Verse 7;

    As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  5. BILL HICKS says:

    funny how Thomson didn`t investigate Arsenal on his door step prior to their deal with HMRC,,then again there wasn`t an arsenaltaxcase.com

  6. jack says:

    Just in case anyone missed it, Thomson tweeted a little more on the threat incident –

    “Just for the record – I obviously have more evidence than mere tweets real or no – which will be handed to police…. I was hardly going to divulge any of that”

    and in response to someone who suggested his only evidence was from a spoof twitter account –

    “…the cops get the real stuff – not Clyde or even you! I’m not quite that daft.”

    Just thought that might clear a few things up for Player 1 and George.

    Bill Hicks,
    The Arsenal tax case wasn’t grossly misrepresented by the media though, it wasn’t exactly given prominent coverage either. I think the English clubs will have their time after the FTT hits. I’m sure once the EPL clubs are part of this big tax story the Anglo centric media will fill their boots.

    Player 1,
    it’s quite obvious you are a Rangers fan. Why are so many of you so against Thomson investigating the dodgy characters who have been behind your club’s collapse?

    If financial journalist don’t wish to ‘lower’ themselves to a story just because it involves a football club, they are really doing a disservice. They should be focusing on the banks who funded the Murray years and their connections to MIH and indeed most of the other SPL clubs and the refurbishments their stadiums.
    It seems strange to me that ‘journalism’/media coverage these days is more about ratings or sales than anything else, yet they are ignoring a story that is actually worth investigation AND has a large captive audience.

  7. Dave says:

    As poorly as the Scottish football press have served the scottish football scene wider interests, rather than berate them for being peculiarly incurious, we might be better wondering why there’s not a Scottish David Conn.

    It’s not that the English press is known for its Woodward and Bernstein tendencies, with the vast majority of people earning a living from reporting on football either uninterested, unable (though ability or through not being given a steer by their editors).

    It’s not unrelated that Conn began life as something else, and became a writer, then a journalist – he proved the market existed and then newspapers picked him up, but they were not able to support his creation. That’s important, as the Scottish football market is much smaller, so the idea of a Conn figure publishing their way to become a Scottish equivalent is more difficult to imagine.

    Conn’s work clearly met a need (which Foul! had first served, followed by fanzine) for actual sports journalism and investigation, which others have followed – notably Matt Scott, Nick Harris and occasionally Paul Kelso, and sometimes others in the sports news scene. Even so, away from those, most sports news in England isn’t much far removed from succulent lamb.

    Where we perhaps differ is that the english press can become a reasonably effective pack when it sniffs blood in the water, mainly out of industry competitiveness. That doesn’t seem to have happened in the same way in Rangers case, not in others.

  8. Wullie says:

    Jack, why are so many Rangers fans against Thomson, because of the sources he has used , namely a disgraced social worker (attempting to defame the club at every turn hoping that some of the dirt he throws may stick) and the leader of celts for change in the 90s. Hardly impartial observers. If he had investigated the twitter threat he would have realised that they came from a so called parody account. As for the lack of interest in the scottish press on the story obviously I must have been reading a different source for the past year

  9. Player 1 says:

    @Jack, are you suggesting that Thomson knew the tweet in question was from a parody twitter account? If so why bother to share it.

    So, basically Thomson said he would share the evidence on the Clyde program,

    “Then I shall prove a G journo threatened to attack me and reveal how this person’s name will become public in due course – R Clyde 7pm”

    comes through with the fake tweet, then once exposed, says he has more evidence which he won’t share.

    Very convincing. Remember this is the guy who was going to show the Scottish Journos how it should be done. Laughing stock.

  10. jack says:

    Journalists must explore every avenue and listen to every source, however trustworthy they may be. It’s usually how one conducts an investigation. They then decide whether they’re worth listening to. Thomson has been in contact with a wide range of people, some of those are bound to be Celtic fans, some not.

    You do realise that he has been welcoming and taking contributions from anywhere and everywhere? If you think you can give him something worthwhile to do with the Rangers story then email him or contact him on twitter. Plenty have.

    Again, why don’t you want more to be known about what caused the collapse of your club? It’s not an attack on Rangers or Rangers fans.

    The whole threat thing is really not that important. I was merely adding to it so more of the picture could be seen. Personally, I’m not that bothered about it. It’s pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. There’s a possibility Thomson made mistake – I don’t think so, some do. We’ll see.

    There are more important things to focus on but if Thomson’s threat is all your concerned about while your club dies Player 1, then fair enough.

  11. Dave says:

    On another note, the unremitting myopic, victim-status seeking of the OF is another reason I thank whoever is responsible for ensuring that they’re not in English football. I thought the inter big red club stramash’s were tedious, but good christ, they look positively socratic compared to the usual Old Firm ding dongs.

  12. Big Mike says:

    Allan telling the truth and there are a lot do not like it. Well done Mr Thompson and welcome to Scotland home of the bigot.

  13. Allan says:

    The impression i got with the Arsenal tax case was that they paid up as soon as charges were brought (bearing in mind that Arsenal’s management of EBT’s was similar to Ranger’s).

    As for the spat between Scottish Football Journo’s and some outsider that bag’s the story. I kinda find it funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Then again, there isn’t really the same investigative journalism going on in Scottish newspapers as there is in their English counterparts. can you really imagine The Scotsman or the Herald, let alone the Record breaking the expenses scandal. Jeez, these publications still have their heads in the sand over Lockerbie.

  14. John says:

    Mark, the ‘threat’ spawned from a fake / parody twitter account purporting to be David Leggat, who in essence isn’t really deserving of the title of journalist anyways these days.

    It was set up by Celtic fans of an online messageboard, and the joke seems to have backfired spectacularly. It has also shred Alex Thomson’s journalistic credibility, at least with regards to this ongoing Rangers story anyway

    In keeping with the theme of your article, maybe you too should make sure of the facts and substance before posting articles in future?? A mere 5 minutes searching online on google or the likes in the aftermath of Thomson’s claims on the Radio Clyde phone-in would have brought you to the relevant information.

    Good luck for the future all the same, keep trying hard

  15. Mark Murphy says:

    Thanks for the advice, John. As you note in your comment, the tweet from which Thomson quoted was a “threat” rather than a threat. Just like I reported that he tried to “prove” the threat rather than prove it. And I’m not sure what you thought I meant by “the sound of the playground.”

    I must confess, I had assumed the tweet to be a childish prank rather than an organised website, but I didn’t feel the need to change what I’d written. It was, after all, a prelude to the Mark Guidi incident, which appears rather depressingly to be considered acceptable behaviour. I’ll keep trying hard to be a little clearer in future.

    That said, much of the above criticism of Thompson on this particular issue is well-founded. As to whether it has damaged his journalistic credibility on the Rangers story, that appears to depend on whether you want to believe him or not, rather than whether or not his sources are solid.

    And you don’t have to be a Celtic fan to believe that that isn’t right.

  16. douglas robertson says:

    Eddie had also phoned the programme on April 6th – incorrect

  17. Euskadi says:

    How stupid must the likes of ‘Player 1′, ‘George’ and other commentators on this blog feel now that David Leggat has resigned from the NUJ after being receiving the maximum possible fine for threatening Alex Thomson. Parody account indeed. Another Rangers-spun lie exposed.

  18. cam says:

    Mr tomo must have loved his welcome from the “obsessed”,,,their very own pet from down south who can reveal the terrible goings on in Glasgow,ably assisted by the failed social worker.
    Old leggo boy is a thorn in the side of the lads from Mordor,more power to his typing finger.
    Never mind lads,The Gers are no more,there’s only a wee 3rd division team playing in blue,playing at Ibrox,called the Rangers with a massive support to get “obsessed” about.
    Now can any of you chaps direct me to the Sevcotaxcase site?

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