The Northern Premier League Hammers Another Nail Into The Northwich Victoria Coffin


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3 Responses

  1. alanm says:

    We thought we had a bad time under Connett, but this is mismanagement of the highest order possible. One man’s stubborn ego has dragged a name once renowned in non-league circles into the mud and shows no sign of even leaving it there in peace. He has destroyed everything the team has achieved on the pitch this season. He has shown total disdain for the paying customers who have dragged themselves around the various “home” venues in the past months. And now he will doubtless seek others to blame for the current plight. We’ve seen it coming for a while now, but it doesn’t make it any less devastating. Why can’t he just let go and walk away?

  2. overseer says:

    It does bring up Portsmouth and their failed CVA.

    One rule for league clubs – one rule for non league clubs…….

  3. Flying_Porker says:

    It is sickening to see how a handful of private owners have taken a well-known and historic Non-League club not just close to the brink, but now over it. The rot set in after the sale of Drill Field, now a bland modern housing estate. They tried to make a new ground, of course, but never had the money to finish it off properly. Now that is going to be demolished after just a few years. What a waste of time and money.

    Northwich Victoria was always a good competitive club, but never a very good business. Under Connet, it was transformed into a bad business and a bad football club. While James Rushe has managed to make it less uncompetitive on the field, his strategic planning has been lamentable. It is now finished.

    Too often have we seen owners who have not really had the means to run football clubs taking on massive debts and running them up further. They may have to pay the players an arm and a leg, but everything else is pared to the bone. Vics was one such, an organisation in which a shoestring was a definite extravagance. But Rushe could never admit that. Like many others, his ego has got in the way. A look at the Companies House website shows that Rushe has been a director of seven companies, three of which are defunct, and the other four do not appear to have proper accounts.

    Vics’ glossy exterior in recent years was skin deep, propped up with cardboard, sellotape, and blutac. And now the whole miserable edifice has collapsed in a heap. This is true of any organisation built up on one man’s ego. It requires a considerable effort to manipulate, bluster, wheel and deal, pull woll over the eyes, etc. If half that effort had been put in to running the club (or other business) ethically over the last years, Vics would be in the Conference play-offs.

    Witton Albion supporters will no doubt be gloating. Most of Northwich could not give a second thought.

    May be most footy clubs need to go back to their community origins, following the example of FC United of Manchester, and Chester. Certainly that seems to be the way forward for F C Victoria of Northwich.

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