Alan Davies Shoots From The Hip & Ends Up With His Foot In His Mouth


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8 Responses

  1. matt says:

    If you don’t know why Liverpool refusal to play on the 15th affects Arsenal then you didn’t hear what he said. It affects Chelsea’s semi final and their rest before the Barca game and our coefficient. Therefore affects Arsenal.

  2. Matthew Martin says:

    Slow news week or something?

  3. Martin says:

    It’s unfortunate that Alan Davies made a fairly valid debating point in a bit of a ham-fisted flippant way. He’s apologised for it though, and admitted that it was the problem of immediately switching from a ‘banter’ issue into a far more serious issue – the further you go through the podcast clip, the more serious the debate gets – it’s the start of the debate that errr “gets on my tits” to borrow from Mr Davies. I genuinely think he knows he’s cocked up and is sincere in his views and his apology.

    His general point is a valid one – and I think came from the issues of needing to shuffle fixture lists all over the place this weekend, that means that Chelsea have got two huge fixtures now crammed together. When we consider that Rangers, Bradford, Manchester United and Liverpool (twice with Hillsborough and Heysel) etc have unwanted anniversary dates what determines when a club should be allowed a ‘free date’ and when they should be told “no, a fixture list is a fixture list”. And to what lengths do we bend and break that fixture list to accommodate that and other requests, given how it will ripple and affect other clubs?

    I think you can (or should be able to) have that debate without being told that you’re somehow against the JFT96 campaign. The two aren’t, as I see it, mutually exclusive. He’s a silly boy in the way that he put his comments across early on in the podcast, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t back the campaign itself.

    Finally, certain Liverpool supporters don’t exactly help themselves by sending him death threats (and we’re not just talking singular ones) or barbed comments about the death of his mother. If you’re going to try to take the moral high ground then it’s best not to try to do it from the gutter. As one Liverpool fan said earlier today, there are far more deserving people to get angry with for anyone wanting JFT96 to reach its aims.

  4. Gerschenkron says:

    Very good article, thanks. Davies’ tone and the mindless nature of some of his comments betray his dislike of Liverpool – which is evidenced elsewhere in his (ludicrously fortunate) career.

    As this article suggests – if you have a problem with Chelsea having to play on Sunday evening then look to the corrupt and grasping FA and soccer’s dependence on money from television rather than criticisms of lfc for being sensitive to the families of 96 fans who have still never had justice.

  5. Of all the football tragedies named above The Hillsborough disaster is unique in that it is the only one where resolution was not found quickly, and blame was not apportioned properly (Munich, weather conditions, Bradford, smokers/wooden stands etc…) With Hillsborough too many people rather than admitting they could’ve done better, pointed the finger at others, and too many sensationally shouted from the rooftops with precious little knowledge of the facts of the day. Football supporters were sadly an easy target in the immediate aftermath. These errors have been covered up and buried ever since, and the time for resolution is well overdue.

    Growing up I found amusement in celebrating my birthday with Sam Fox and Dave Edmunds. For the past 23 years this has not been the case. This Sunday, whilst others mourn the centenary of the Titanic, like every other birthday I will catch myself at some point, staring numbly into the distance wondering about that day, and pondering the close calls many of us had in the 70s and 80s attending matches.

    So Liverpool aren’t ready to play on the anniversary… this is hardly an extraordinary position. How many other people feel they cannot rest until resolution has been found, whether through bereavement or not? Others may want “open debate”, but let these families find their peace first.

  6. Alexander Gerschenkron says:

    Not sure if my previous comment made it through as it was sent from a so-called smartphone, but in any case, this blogpost here is essential reading: alongside your post. Thanks again.

  7. Tommy_T says:

    Not sure that everyone getting hot under colar has listened to the full podcast. Seems typical of today’s media feeding frenzy based on a small quote taken from a 45 minute cast and little or none of the true context taken into consideration.

  1. April 12, 2012

    […] The latest person to get caught up in the sticky web that is giving an opinion on something related to the Hillsborough disaster is funny man Alan Davies. Fall out! // 200% […]

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