Peter Storrie vs The Pompey Community Share Scheme: Is This The Supporters Choice?


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4 Responses

  1. karl says:

    I have been a Pompey supporter since 1978 and obviously have seen Pompey go through some tough times along with some owners we could have done without,
    Peter Storie I think does come in for some unfair critisism, let me explain:
    If you are a financial director and your megga rich boss says win me a trophy and I will foot the bill what do you do? do you do your job as your boss wants to or do you ignore him and go your own way.
    When Pompey got promoted from the Championship they did so under the financial direction of Peter Storie, when Milan Mandaric sold the club Gaydamac he sold a club making a profit and with a decent team, this was done under the financial leadership of Peter Storie.
    Wht does Storie get the abuse and not Gaydamac, I think he is an easy target because he a local, he can be got at unlike Gaydamac who has vanished ans left Pompeyt with a debp and no land.

  2. SJMaskell says:

    Peter Storrie was not financial director but CEO of Pompey. The financial director was Tanya Robbins under Gaydamak.

    Under Milan Mandaric the club was running a tight ship and Milan was very much hands on. He sold a club ripe for development to Gaydamak in 2006.

    In 2006 Gaydamak had access to funds that could have most definitely taken the club ‘to the next level.’ Gaydamak cannot to be said to have had the same knowledge of English football that Milan did. As CEO Storrie’s job was to provide that knowledge.

    What happened next? A mad spending spree on players, with mega bonuses for all concerned and a rapid increase in the overall wage bill at Fratton. Nothing at all was spent on the infrastructure of the club, despite Milan having provided the development land along with the club in the sale to Gaydamak. In 2008 when Sacha’s financial crisis hit there was nothing to sustain the spending on players. The bonus scheme alone meant that winning the FA cup took the club closer to administration instead of further from it. Storrie, as Sacha’s advisor, should have known better.

    Even now the club bears the brunt of his reckless spending on players. Take Ben Haim for example. His premiership salary paid on a contract negotiated by Storrie in 2009 with no relegation clause written into it, is playing a big part in dragging the club closer and closer towards liquidation.

    This is why Storrie gets the abuse. His idea of the Al Faraj consortium taking us to a level we could not believe only went on to exacerbate the problem that Gaydamak’s financial failure left the club in. It allowed Balram Chainrai to sink his debentures into the club and make it non-viable to any real investor.

    Gaydamak was only the beginning of the problem. Storrie’s inept attempts to save the club are what has left it where it is now – facing liquidation.

    See here for more detail on Storrie and Al Faraj:

  3. Jholdem says:

    If a ceo behaved this way in a business he would have been fired….he as ceo needed to take responsibility …he failed notts county, west ham and pompey.

  4. jertzee says:

    @jjholden “If a ceo behaved this way in a business he would have been fired”….maybe in an ideal world….
    This being the same world where Fred Goodwin should have been fired from RBS well before his resignation.

    I hope the fans take control or otherwise it will happen again in 3 years time, when Pompey once agian rip off small businesses and the tax payer.

    ps I haven’t forgotten the goodwill of fnas and players who stumped up money to help these people.

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