Buddies Or Enemies? St Mirren Get Dragged Into The Rangers Story

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5 Responses

  1. Captain Bob says:

    gave up reading after Old Firm

  2. DJ_Nicol says:

    Good article – I think it touches on all of the concerns St Mirren fans have:
    1 – is this in some way an attempt by RFC people to cannibalise St Mirren
    2 – is this an attempt to drag St Mirren into the mess by using them as an example of another club using EBTs (did st mirren use EBTs at all? Has anyone asked?)
    3 – is this an attempt by the current Board to discredit McGeoch and push people towards their favoured bid, 10000hrs

    Whether McGeoch resigns or not (at it appears he won’t) an EGM is required to answer (or at least ask!) these questions.

    There will be little love lost between McGeoch and Gilmore, I just hope their personal feud is not going to end up seriously damaging St Mirren, short and long term.

  3. Mike Bhoyle says:

    Whit Captain Bob said….

  4. Allan says:

    Aaaand Captain Bob & Mike have just demonstrated why the Scottish footabll media always goes for the lowest common denominator.

    Good post, though the suggestion about NewcoRangers taking over St Mirren comes from people’s memories of the manouvres Newco Airdrieonoans pulled to get their new club into the Scottish Football league, and what happened to Clydebank.

  5. Wireman says:

    Captain Bob and Mike are quite right to be miffed (though giving up reading is a bit extreme).

    Irrespective of how desperately some may wish it so, the terms “Rangers” and “Old Firm” are not synonyms. To imply that they are is a rare mis-step in an otherwise crisply written and well-researched blog.

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