Bradford City vs Crawley Town, Or The Decline & Fall Of Western Civilisation


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11 Responses

  1. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    “any embarrassment that the supporters of either club feels this morning”

    I very much doubt Crawley supporters feel embarrassment about anything – if they’re not worried about the way their club’s been funded or their obnoixious manager and his track record, I don’t think a bit of post-match argy-bargy is going to concern them.

    Anyways, most of them are probably too busy celebrating Chelsea’s win from last night to have even noticed

  2. Bye Bye says:

    Only one course of action, deduct 20 points from each club.

    A case of Say Hello, Wave Goodbye……

    p.s. Did Chelsea win lasrt night??

  3. Sean says:

    Throw a punch and you’re looking at a 3-match ban minimum, though i wouldn’t be surprised if these guys get 6.

    Dive to win a penalty or get an opponent booked, and at the furthest extreme you’ll get a 1-match ban; more likely than not you’ll get nothing.

    What a disgusting set of morals football has.

  4. Michael Grove says:

    “whataboutery ” is now my favourite word and I’ve worked hard to think where I can use it and claim it as my own. Bradford and Crawley are made for each other. I watched the former try to kick a Wimbledon team off the pitch a few weeks ago and their captain commiting suicide with a second yellow for kicking the ball away (well actually out of the stadium) and ending the game with 20 fouls against their name. Not much I can add to criticism of the team from Gatwick. Their old supporters must grimace every time the manager opens his mouth but the newer glory hunters won’t care. Both could really suffer what they deserve if a points deduction happened because Crawley have a big squad not really affected much by the suspensions. (Bradford will still escape the drop though.). Hope Crawley go up as I watch league 2 football and really do not want to have to contemplate a visit to or by them next year. Crawley need a new manager to progress. He’s never done anything without money and never will. For the old fans please mr Evans go

  5. Ian says:

    For those of you wondering about precedent for a points deduction, in 1989 the FA deducted Manchester United one point and Arsenal two points and fined both clubs £50,000 after a fight during an FA Cup match – Arsenal’s deduction was higher because they had already been involved in another fight on the pitch that season, against Norwich City. It’s a long time ago, but this demonstrates that it isn’t completely unheard of.

  6. Dickster says:

    Crawley more sinned against than sinning?
    Six yellow cards shown during the game, of which Bradford had none & Crawley had, errr… six.
    Might that suggest something to the neutral observer? If nothing else it suggests a referee who wasn’t fully in control of matters…

  7. Unclespikey says:

    Further to Dickster’s comment, all six Crawley bookings occurred in the last half hour of the game…

  8. mike says:

    Just goes to show that the non-League world is far better off without Crawley. We don’t want them back – ever.

  9. Dave says:

    In such matters, I think the video should be watched a panel of boxing judges, who could award points using the boxing scoring system. Then use this tally to work out how many points to deduct from each team. Simple.

  10. fwis says:

    It’s just so nice to see Crawley back in the headlines for all the right reasons…

  11. Chris Newell says:

    What possible evidence is there that Crawley were “sinned against”?

    Anyone who has seen them play and heard their manager speak surely knows what caused that fight. just listen to both managers interviews after the game, one was proud of his players and one was utterly shell shocked and lost for words at what he’d witnessed. No points for guessing which was which.

    Bradord could go out of business for being dragged down to Crawley’s level and that would be the biggest shame in footballs history.

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