Liverpool’s Recent Decline: Time For A Clean Sweep?


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9 Responses

  1. Fleetwood says:


  2. Fred says:

    Another home defeat??????? 2 all season!!

    I’m not one of these buying into “they are tired” brigade either and our form has been awful since Jan, but answer me this, what would sacking Dalglish achieve? another 2-3 seasons of another manager putting his players in place?? LFC are not Newcastle/Chelsea they don’t replace managers every season.

  3. Chunky says:


  4. Dave says:

    The Liverpool fans were pretty vehement in wanting Hodgson out and Dalglish in. So if the fan’s first-choice man has had a go, and flopped, then at least the next manager might actually get a fair crack of the whip. Perhaps they should go for David Moyes.

  5. buckyball says:

    There are no rules about replacing managers. KD got the team and fans buoyed up mentally last spring. All Liverpool fans thank him for that. It appears that Comolli is a fraud as a gifted picker of talent. Dalglish and Comolli have linked their career paths at Anfield and reason says that their future decisions will resemble past decisions.

    To expect some previously unseen enlightenment will come to this duo during the summer is similar to allowing a desperate gambler on a bad streak to double down at the tables in a frenzy of flop sweat. They have to believe in their formulations; they can’t rework their soccer beliefs at this (late) stage in their careers.

    Thanks Dalglish for all he’s done and provide him some sort of emeritus position.

  6. Kev, Swansea says:

    If Dalglish’s track record is anything to go by, I suspect he won’t want to stay at Liverpool’s front line for too long anyway. I’d imagine that as long as it looked as if he had some input into the choice of successor, he’d be happy to go upstairs.

  7. Dave Wallace says:

    Another negative Liverpool article Ian, you really are getting predictable. I bet elsewhere with other clubs you are saying that patience is a virtue and that managers cannot make a difference over night. I wouldn’t for a minute say that Liverpool have progressed in the league this season, but the answer to it at this point certainly isn’t a knee jerk sacking, or indeed an embarassing shuffle him upstairs manoevre. And you could wait to refer to the Suarez affair.

    You write some good stuff but this is below par.

  8. mintox says:

    At the end of the day, all other side issues ignored, the question should be about the type of football that Liverpool are playing and what’s going wrong.

    Liverpool have a very good defensive record, one of the best in the league except recently where they have been without key defenders.

    They had created more chances than any other team at one stage of the season, yet their conversion rate was one of the worst.

    This doesnt suggest to me that KD is getting it wrong, more that he is getting it right but failing in key areas.

    Liverpool had a very poor Carroll earlier in the season and Suarez banned for a number of games. And even with them both available, neither have shown the clinical finishing required of a front man.

    Their defence is excellent when they can choose their first choice players but struggles once they have more than one injury which suggests a lack of depth. And they haven’t had Lucas in midfield to lay in the tackles that he does so well for them.

    In most games they’ve even played well enough to win but seemingly stuttered to a draw because they couldn’t finish their chances. Turn just four of those home draws into wins and they’re equal with Chelsea and Newcastle.

    It hasn’t been a great year but its hardly the dreadful football they were playing under Hodgson.

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