The Welcome Return Of The Crouchasaurus


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6 Responses

  1. buckyball says:

    Some large segment of the British football public is viscerally offended by Crouch’s physical appearance. It overrides any objective viewing of his efficiency as a player. He doesn’t LOOK like a player should. So replace him with someone who’s all tree trunk thighs and squatness, even though that player brings nothing more to the table.

  2. Pete says:

    Its not the first time that Crouch has surprised me with his skill and I doubt it will be the last!

    That goal yesterday was special and will long live in the memory as perhaps the best goal I have ever seen in the ‘flesh’.

    As for Crouch for England? He’s done it for England in the past, is in form, has the experience and more importantly he WANTS it. What’s the alternative – Carroll?

  3. Kev, Swansea says:

    You’re right Buckyball. He’s actually pulled out a really good career even despite this. He had a dreadful time when he left Portsmouth the first time for Villa, and at that stage you wouldn’t have put a penny on him being around for long, destined to slip down the leagues with other bright young things, like Jon Stead and Frannie Jeffers. And then Harry Redknapp gave him a chance at Southampton, then Portsmouth, then Spurs… perhaps Harry is as shrewd as he’s made out to be.

  4. squat says:

    who ever coached Crouch needs sacking…..

    the guy is 6ft 6 inches (I think) but when he jumps he gets smaller by 4″

    he always puts a hand on an opponent – gives freekicks away all the time

    yeah another classy british dead end

  5. Mark Elt says:


    Obviously you didn’t see the goal from the weekend and are completely unaware of his track record as a goalscorer, the clubs and managers he has played for and the transfer fees he has attracted. But you can change that by reading up on the facts before you formulate an opinion.

  1. March 26, 2012

    […] majesty there was still something wonderfully ‘Stoke City’ about its directness (as this great article sums up over at 200%) and about how it gave the critics and the big boys alike one in the eye. […]

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