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  1. Penfolds11 says:

    In 2007, now-Rotherham manager Andy Scott said:

    “The medicals are nowhere near stringent enough. The fact of the matter is that everyone should be tested. How many times are people going to die? Is it going to take a Wayne Rooney or David Beckham to keel over before anyone sits up and takes notice? Its getting ridiculous now.”

    “There is clearly no reason why a young person should die when they are in the prime of their career and fitness. Its complete ignorance that this has not been taken further. This is an ideal opportunity now to make it compulsory for all players to be screened.”

    I think it should be an FA initiative, backed by the PFA. There are mobile screening units who go around and can identify imperfections in the heart that could indicate sudden death syndrome. It needs a sweep now of all the players that are under contract. It would only take 10 minutes to check a player.”


    “There is clearly no reason why a young person should die when they are in the prime of their career,” said Scott, Brentford’s assistant manager. “It’s complete ignorance that this has not been taken further. This is an ideal opportunity now to make it compulsory for all players to be screened. How many times is it going to have to happen? Everyone knows it’s going on but it’s getting someone at the top to get off their backsides.” The FA described such a move as a “strategic decision for the whole game”. No one at the PFA could be contacted last night.


    More than 4 years later Fabrice Muamba is in critical condition in hospital. Is it possible that his current situation could have been prevented had the FA been interested in protecting the welfare of the players from whom it earns its riches?

  2. piggeh says:

    Those in Senior management obviously do not consider there any ‘corporate’ risk to players keeling over in the middle of a match. If there was an identified risk to the FA then it seems entirely proportionate to screen all the players – it doesnt cost much. What I also wonder is why clubs (who are the ones who are much more greatly affected) do not screen players as a matter of course. Surely if you even took it from a cold harsh financial point of view, it would reduce insurance premiums? I think the rather horrendous statistic that was cited (possibly by CRY) yesterday was that 500 youngsters die unexpectedly from cardiac arrests every year, it’s really quite appalling in the UK the number is so high when it only needs a few basic measures to identify those at risk and prevent it.

    I hope Muamba pulls through and regains full health. There will be a little more consolation if his case is used to improve the screening process in the future for everyone.

  3. PiZita says:

    Excellent post!
    I was watching it yesterday in greek broadcst and immediatelly i was shocked!Not only of the incident but “mostly” of the high level reaction of the supporters. In comparison with greek situations (today it’s the great rival Panathinaikos vs Olympiacos) and the shouts like as “he died..he died” when a palyer has been injured here. Of course it\s another situation when you see a player collapses suddenly.
    I was wondering if you believe that this demonstration of support and concern has to do with the charachteristic of “Fair Play” which I believe is inspired by English sports tradition.Or it’s a result of “de-hooliganism” and attracting of middle clqass families in the terrraces?

    Thanks in advance and apologies for my English.
    cheers by Athens!

  4. Allan says:


    The answer is a definate no, and as like the above there have been warnings about the likelyhood of this happening again. Both the deaths of Foe 9 years ago and the death of the Motherwell captain Phil O’Donnell towards the end of their match with Dundee United in 2007 seems to have gone without any lessons being learned.

    BTW another very well written post that strikes the right balance. Keep up the good work.

  5. Michael says:

    That point about football becoming irrelevant is excellent. It’s a ray of light in a very dark situation that the football community has pulled together in the way that it has.

  6. Billy says:

    Fabrice was tested 4 times for a heart problem over his career. All 16 year old academy members are tested for heart problems. Unfortunately, some heart conditions cannot currently be tested for.

  1. March 18, 2012

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