Death By Committee; FA In Pass The Buck Manoeuvres

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6 Responses

  1. Joe - Vancouver says:

    After the events of the last two weeks I regret to say it but there is no longer a Portsmouth Football Club as I have known it all my life.

    I am disappointed and devastated.

  2. Gordon Powrie says:

    Unfortunately, in the end, we have in power the most laissez-faire government we’ve probably had for about 100years. Mr. Robertson can say that he will legislate, but Mr Cameron ‘s belief is that it is not a matter for the govwernment to be involved.

    Also, just on the off – chance that the government does legislate, where does this leave the FA in relation to FIFAs ‘No governmental interference in football’ stance?. They’ve already suspened the Nigerian FA for 2 years.

  3. Nick Turnbull says:

    Another reason for the transfer window system to be binned. Under the old system Pompey could have sold those players they’ve loaned out and had an injection (albeit small) of cash to help them survive, for this season at least. Terrible.

  4. Gordon Powrie says:

    The whole point around the DCMS reoprt was that clubs should be regulated by the FA so that they don’t get into the sort of trouble that Pompey are in. If that club had not been so badly mismananged as it ha dbeen, there would be no need to sell players between windows.

  5. Gordon Powrie says:

    Any chance of an ‘edit’ button?

  1. July 11, 2012

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