Villa-Boas Out, But It Is Chelsea FC That Needs To Change


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7 Responses

  1. opa says:

    I think a high profile manager shud be hired and left to run the affairs of d club. Only then can cfc do well.

  2. AU says:

    Now the “SENIOR PLAYERS” have set themselves up. Scolari, Grant, Ancelloti and Villas-Boas gone. How many bets the next manager walks in the door with a broom that will sweep all of them out before his first match in charge that counts? That is the first step to bringing in his team, his system and having his players accountable to him. If Roman wants to keep these players, the go bring bacj Mourinho. They have clearly indicated that they have no intention of playing for someone else and so far, Roman has done their bidding. Time to decide WHO IS IN CHARGE AND WHAT IS THE WAY FORWARD.

  3. ABaggiesSupporter says:

    A set of bigmouth hasbeens has brought about the demise of a good man, who has a better set of values than these self-aggrandising morons.

    AVB will find success at a properly-run club where the manager is valued more than players who are on their way down.

  4. Jertzee says:

    Abramovich deserves the failure.
    He is just one of the thousands of things wrong with football. The sooner he leaves and takes his money the better, although the glory hunting Chelsea fans will have to find another team to support when they go into administration.
    Maybe they can support whichever team they supported before Abramovich turned up.

  5. Noshow says:

    Abramovich is reaping what he has sowed and if he, or any owner for that matter, is looking for an answer to his managerial / player problems then he need only cast an eye towards Messrs Ferguson and Wenger, both of whom have been given time and resources at their respective clubs to build the successes they have enjoyed.

    It is a sad indictment on modern football that these owners, much like the Generation Tweet that follow their clubs, demand instant gratification for their outlay. Unfortunately football, as in life, simply doesn’t work that way.

  6. ChelseaFan_India says:

    AVB failed since the players he was to manage had won more than him and commanding respect in such a scenario, that too for a manager so young, is not exactly easy. I think AVB would have retained his job if only he could garner support from Sr. Players, which would have certainly improved our performance as well. He tried changing too much this season, that too without having ‘relevant’ players to do so, after all Terry/Cole are not quick anymore and, as is the matter of fact, we don’t have a CF who is in form. Drogba seems more concerned about his contract extension and Torres seems more of a liability now.

    @Jertzee: It is quite unfortunate to know that there are many who find a direct correlation between RAs arrival and Chelsea’s rise, even if facts paint a completely different picture. In last 15 years, which is nearly double that of RA “era”, Chelsea has always finished in top 6. Not exactly bad for fans like me, this is not to say I would like a situation like Liverpool or Arsenal but then Chelsea fans are not so fragile to be looking at other clubs.

    Hope we come through good at the end of this season, somehow.

  7. Jertzee says:

    @ChelseaFan_India – yes, Chelsea were reasonably successful in a few years before RA came along with the money that once belonged to the Russion people, but I remember going to Stamford Bridge in the 80’s when Chelsea were lucky to get 16,000 people.
    Every time I went there to support Wimbledon in the late 80’s Chelsea’s team had the likes of Doug Rougvie and their relative lack of success kept the numbers down. In south west London not many Chelsea shirts were visible down high streets.
    Now, the glory hunters are everywhere, with most not having a clue exactly where Stamford Bridge is, or who Doug Rougvie is.
    They may mention the time Chelsea beat Wimbledon in 1997, in the FA Cup semi final but ask them whether they were at Stamford Bridge when Wimbledon won 3-0, 4-0, 5-2 and 4-2 and will look at you with a blank expression.

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