The Oyston Family & Blackpool FC: Eleven Million Questions To Answer – At Least


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  1. Oystain Detester says:

    £11m paid to Owen Oyston, yet Charlie Adam (who was instrumental in getting the club all that money with his performances in the promotion year) had to go to court to get the £25k bonus he was rightly due.

    Them to facts tell you everything you need to know about this poisonous family that controls Blackpool FC.

    Absolute thieves, all of them.

  2. J Smith says:

    Quote from Inderendant 23rd May 1996

    On one rape, of a woman in London’s Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, he was acquitted. On another, at his home, the jury could not agree and a retrial was ordered. That retrial, of Miss A, was heard along with the case of Miss B. On one charge of indecently assaulting Miss A he was acquitted in Manchester.

    For the last few weeks, jurors in Liverpool have listened to a lurid saga of sex in cars, in London, and at his home, involving women from a model agency in Manchester.

    At one point during the trial, when Miss B recounted how, aged 16, she was subjected to a sex attack by Oyston in the back of a Toyota Supra car and was then forced into further sex at his home, three members of the jury were reduced to tears.

  3. SoccerLimey says:

    I wrote a piece a couple of weeks back on how Karl Oyston had effectively run Blackpool FC in a profitable fashion leaving a healthy balance sheet. Deserved praise for him but there are the skeletons in the cupboard at Bloomfield Rd, the biggest of which is his old man, who is a nasty piece of work to say the least.

    I am from the West Lancashire area originally and I have been a witness to some of that family’s business dealings, which is irrelevant here. However, the fact remains that the club has struggled for the last two seasons to even produce a competitive squad, and these revelations will surely enrage Blackpool supporters, who are hardly Oyston fans to begin with.

    It will be interesting to see what Holloway has to say on Monday.

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