The Battle Lines Are Drawn At Port Vale

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6 Responses

  1. uPVFC says:

    The Sentinel selective in it’s choice of “news” shock? Well it’s hardly surprising since Martin Tideswell, the Assistant Editor is a leading light in the Supporters Club. That’s the Sopporters Club using £250k-worth of Robbie Williams shares since the dithering crooner copped out of voting against the board and handed his equity to “the fans”. With over 1000 registered members (admission is free) that’s over £200 per member for those who have shelled out not one penny on legitimate shares.

    I’ve registered Sticky, my pet stick insect. That means he has 4x the shareholding of those who, back in 2001, shelled out the minimum £50 to save Port Vale from oblivion. Democracy, Port Vale style.

  2. Margaret Sinstadt says:

    Well done on an informative and excellent appraisal of the current situation at Port Vale with one exception. Speaking as a Port Vale interim board candidate, discussions on any future role involving Mo Chaudry have not, at this stage been discussed.

  3. Sam C says:

    “Each week seems to have brought a new revelation of ill-behaviour from Vale’s board (my forecast that at least one director will come out as a woman trapped in a man’s body hasn’t happened… yet)”

    Erm… what? How would this be ‘ill-behaviour’? Or is this just an attempt at a joke at the expense of trans people? Please do better.

  4. Mark Murphy says:


    You are right, of course. I do understand that no formal discussions have taken place among the interim board about Mo Chaudry’s future role and would hope that it is not to be assumed that he has one. After all, no-one’s been elected yet. I was just reporting what his opponents have been saying recently…which has included the suspicion that a future role for Mo Chaudry IS assumed. If you make it onto the board, I wish you and whoever your colleagues are the very best of fortune.

    Sam C,

    Bad drafting on the sub-editor’s (i.e. MY) part. I was just referring to possible revelations, not specific revelations of ill-behaviour. If any offence was taken, it was certainly not intended and I am happy to apologise. Must do better, indeed.

  5. Sam C says:

    Thanks for your response Mark, much appreciated.

  6. Margaret Sinstadt. says:

    Thank you for your good wishes Mark but with today’s revelations (28.02.12) it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next. – We travel in hope.

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