George Rolls Unites Kettering And Weymouth In Suspicion


Ian began writing Twohundredpercent in May 2006. He lives in Brighton. He has also written for, amongst others, Pitch Invasion, FC Business Magazine, The Score, When Saturday Comes, Stand Against Modern Football and The Football Supporter. Ian was the first winner of the Socrates Award For Not Being Dead Yet at the 2010 NOPA awards for football bloggers.

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10 Responses

  1. Sean says:

    “Within six months of becoming the chairman of Cambridge United, Rolls had departed from The Abbey Stadium after spending just eight months as the club’s chairman”


  2. SOOTY says:

    What a SUPERB summary and assessment of George Rolls Ian!x
    I thought ‘journalism’ and it’s purpose had been lost as is being exposed by Leverson. I was wrong. Sorry…X Being a fly on the wall….or i’d rather say a guardian angel….since Rolls got involved at Cambridge United FC…then I have followed closely his ‘career’.
    If I review Weymouths plight….as an overview…and with hindsight…he filled a void that wouldn’t have been filled. Continuity has been the winner. There has been a serious price to pay though. Has it been worth it? To the Weymouth fans who still can go to the match this week-end….a reluctant yes. To the locality/business and its negative collateral caused by irresponsible and inconsistent actions of Mr Rolls….then I would have to say….NO. I could not allow that ‘opportunity cost’ to fall in favour of any George Rolls. Close it down…and start again. Beggars can’t be choosers…correct. But they don’t have to sell their moral base and time served ‘relationships’ amongst the Communiies these clubs serve. It’s a ‘family’ thing isn’t it!
    Cambridge United folk are still recovering from their experience. It took only a few months to tear apart generations of ‘networks’ and Community links of all kinds.There has been more than one George Rolls come through our gates in recent years too. None though have been so brash…unpredictable…or over confident as him. Too high on life for our reality. They have been offering the same as him….self serving interests which are not benefitting ‘the club’ ultimately. One is in situ at present and has been recently exposed for his ‘and his colleagues irresponsible and malicious abuse of committed fans. He is just smarter than George. Well he brought George in as a smart move for him. George has been labelled with massive debts/bad accounts that were…let’s say…convenent…to some. They moved back into the Chairmanship after the deed…I mean the patsy…I mean after George had been removed. It’s just done a bit more ‘professional’ in ways than a George Rolls could ever aspire too. But we are ‘on it’!

    He should not pass the due dilligence. Too much debt around his name/track record. If he does…the system is flawed. However…he will not arrive at Kettering. During his career he has had a guardian angel. It will not be going to Kettering. He cannot operate without it!
    On that basis…it’s irrelevant if he passed a fit and proper test. That’s a ‘systems decision’. The system has failed the people in recent years. I am glad to see you Ian with this excellent piece of journalism has stood up to say….’we the people’ know better…and ask the right questions and have ‘feelings’ about it….s*d wot the computer sez. George Rolls….and his exploits….are finished….is the peoples choice. It will be done…..AMEN. I’d flutter away…..but I don’t like heights…!x

    Respects to you Ian….good to see written stuff like this…you inspired me…X

  3. Great article and while not revealing anything particularly new to long-suffering Terras fans it’s a sound summary and should be read by Kettering people very carefully indeed. As a former Weymouth Supporters Trust rep on the Board I had more than a little involvement in accepting his bid for the club in November 2009.
    Rolls’ bid was the ‘least worst’ alternative at the time, the worst being padlocks on the gates (which was imminent at time of takeover) or an ‘ever-shifting goalposts’ bid from people who went onto dabble so successfully with Rushden. The problem with GR is this: if he pitched up in a flash motor wearing a camel-hair coat and a huge gold chain you’d take what he said with a huge pinch of salt. But in person at least GR is a nice, inoffensive seeming bloke who seems desperate to be liked. So he says the right things. And then does something completely different. I’ve never joined the anti-Rolls clamour at WFC as at the end of the day he’s the reason we were stood on the terraces last Saturday watching a game of football. But my patience has now worn thin. Invisible in fact. Think carefully Poppies – a phoenix club may not be so unthinkable.

  4. Neal Cannell says:

    Sooty, I think we are in agreement that Rolls was bad for CUFC. However referring to yourself as a guardian angel is an interesting description given that your sole contribution to the club was hugely damaging to our reputation. For those not in the know, Sooty was found guilty of smuggling duty free cigarettes, all for the greater good of his beloved football club, you understand.

    Hoping the limousine business is going well since being found guilty of having no licence to run such an operation.

  5. CUFC Fan says:

    Sooty…. What massive yawn that bloke is. A convicted criminal and a complete waste of space.

    I think like Rolls, he’s got a lifetime ban from CUFC as well!

  6. SOOTY says:

    Nice one Neal!x CUFCs reputation? Look around yours….the folk who did…and do…damage the reputation are still in situ and voicing their ‘opinions’ fraudulently. My domain is outside of those Abbey walls. I’m happy with my lot. Be happy with yours!x Thanx for putting your name to your post tho’!…respect…X Shame you didn’t put the links for perfect explanations as to your assertions…both accounts. If you ain’t read them then it is not savvy to be giving half the story…is it? I ain’t gonna provide the links either…cause it ain’t about me….in here. Shame you ain’t got no comment on the subject matter….isn’t it? Perhaps you weren’t as close to events to be able to say. You certainly aren’t close to my ‘reality’…..or u wouldn’t be presenting ureself as a half wit Neal….to those ‘learned’ friends who will and have read. So you all sha**ed George….a CAMBRIDGE lad….and throw him out there….and carry on to the next individual do you?
    I can do that….but considered it a responsibility to shadow George for when and where he needed ‘support’. He asked for it. I was a party to him being made redundant if you recall? None of you gave him that….did you? Reputation? You wouldn’t know how to start to build one. The Pride and Passion flag hasn’t been flown really since I gave it you all back….as i din’t think you worthy of it being flown……put it this way……not many could hold my eye of any ‘names’ who chose to fly it in front of me…..I reckon.
    Talk about me…fine….but don’t throw garbage in the public domain about ‘our’ reputation being damaged…..if it weren’t for me the club would have been finished….TWICE…in the past 10 years….FACT. Where would your ‘reputation’ have been today then…eh? Sorry Neal….nice attempt at showing your discontentment with me about summink mate….but its 2 football clubs futures we are discussing in here….not your so called fickle ‘reputation’….or me. Image? STICK IT UP YER AR*E. Gimme the people anytime. In fact come at me with the ‘damaged reputation’ malarky…and I really really should have just pissed meself…..but i’m being ‘courteous’….because the damage can be repaired….no probs….I been on it for 10 years!x Trust me…..!x


    …hey anonymous…..SQUEAK. Standard…….sigh……GEORGE BANNED ME U DONUT!!!!!!!!Jeeeez.
    Sez it all about that one init!hahaha!

    P.S…I have never charged CUFC Ltd for the enhanced publicity my efforts out there have generated for it….NEVER….not once Neal! Kind of guy I is. I know more faces in the terraces than anyone… know that Neal…if your a ‘regular’ U. The ‘karma’…is cool babes….chill!x
    I have to say this tho’….I swear….honest to him up there….I have never ever looked like this….in public….in me shirt… 35 years. Being teetotal I wouldn’t. I hope not too many saw you……… u coulda been having a heart attack for all we know! Like your one liner about my association with the laws of the land…..don’t really tell the story does it?!
    Keep banging those drums……X Up the U’s……it’ll be ok…..honest!x

    ….if you go thru the Histon site…there is a full appraisel Neal…….read it….come back…and apologise. Then I will believe you were waiting for a plane……init…..X A Crown Court Judge never looked like you….neither did 3 Magistrates….and I do respect their judgements……they accepted my reasoning and charitable approaches….in BOTH situations. I want to listen to you…..really want to take you serious…….but I just can’t……until you’ve educated ureself on ‘the facts’. We’ll get on after that…..I reckon!x

  7. Vaughan Mizon says:

    “You certainly aren’t close to my ‘reality’”
    Not sure anyone is really Sooty.

  8. SOOTY says:

    Hi Ian…X Just popped in to inform you Weymouth Football Club….is alive and kicking!x You…were a part of that mate!!!x Straight up! Your article inspired me…and a few others. It also gave rise to serious debate affecting 3 other football clubs that i know of. Thank you for your time and effort on behalf of us all..X

    …George….is on his own. We all have to make sacrifices. Debt to society paid…X

  9. SOOTY says:

    Hi Vaughan…sorry mate I meant to leave a reply to you in the above but was focused on WFC and Ians input….and wanted to pay me respects to that first…X

    Your right mate…not many will be in touch with my reality! 27 schools…5 dads none me own…kids homes…borstal…prison..all before 18….millionaire to nowt in me 20’s….didi it again in the 90’s…and mix with billionaires and crack heads. I stay in touch with the people and choose too. You appear a decent chap and am willing to account for myself to you! I am a ‘reformed’ scammer…fraudster….and was BRILLIANT at it. Plied me trade Nationwide. Took the system…as it robbed me. Not any ‘individual’ as such but Central/local governments nationwide…big businesses and businesses who don’t give a sh*t either quite gladly. Proud of all of that. I had a conscience!
    In 2000…I ‘became a ‘turncoat’! Kinda born again experience only with aliens who controlled the gods actually! Another chat….!x But since then…all of that experience…wisdom…and ability….has been invested in ‘the people’. That’s why the football industry don’t want me near ‘em!
    There isn’t anyone good enuff within it to con me….end of. Sussed that when one of Englands ‘favourite’ sons used to sling me and me siss a box of liquirice allsorts aged 5 as he secretly took me mother out. 40 odd years later we get Sven…John Terry…….Giggs…..not much changed has it? I try to do me best for the ‘genuine” amongst it all.
    So…on that basis Vaughan…and seeing as Neil above alluded to some mis-demeanours…then I thought it only fair to hear ‘my side’…for those interested. I have put a link in the box but i’ll put it here again in case it ain’t worked!x

    …here’s the ‘official’ story….but yes…the Judge accepted we did it for a charitable cause and didn’t imprison us. Guilty. I LOVED me Community Service…HONEST!….miss it actually….X

    Here is the latest ‘official’ story re licensing.

    What isn’t asked…or discussed…is why…for 9 years…didn’t any local authority want to ‘come near me’. It took an innocent outsider to come in and ‘deal with me’….whilst his peers cowered. Here is my explanation as to why…’the truth’.

    Thanx for your comment Vaughan….you sound ‘sharp’ to me….muh appreciated…X

    Neal…nothing peronal mate….I know who you are and your a good fella….so no issues mate honest…X
    Just remember tho’…like me…when we put our real names out there…proudly…we do have a responsibility in what we say. All I ask is you ‘debate’ issues ‘#fairly’…especially when you may not be fully au fait with ‘the facts’. Opinion is fine…..but please….read for yourself….and you surely can’t return and say….i’m a wrong un….!x You’d be the only one….name to name….straight up…and on that basis….i’ll forgive you and respect you for your bravado in intent…albeit mis-guided…ok!x


    …football???>>>> 10 years old…but still valid!x
    Gimme a call/mail anytime Vaughan…Ian…and Neil….U all sound ‘sound’ folk to me!x

  10. Rudolph Hucker says:

    I have read the ramblings of Sooty and also followed the links in his piece. Is it only me who thinks this bloke is a complete turbo charged nutter? Surely not.

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