Pompey’s Blame Game

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for giving us a picture of how events have unfolded towards the current unpleasant situation at Fratton Park. We are optimistic for a better club once the mess has been sorted.

    David Murdoch Chester Nova Scotia CANADA

  2. Terry says:

    SJMaskell is the only person posting anywhere on these boards who seems to have a real grasp of the wider picture. Please keep posting and keep challenging the various parties who definitely have a miltitude of differing underlying agendas, very few of which benefit either PFC or the fans. Thank you. PUP

  3. pompeypops says:

    Chandari has not put 18 million into the club for a start it was money that was awarded to him from a deal with Gydamaks dad in some deal , Sasha Gydamak walked away from the club Chandari took over , He is also charging the club interest on that as well until we get shot of this crook we will always be in trouble ,

  4. Joe Taylor - Vancouver, Canada says:

    It seems madness to ask for Mr. Andronikou as administrator of PFC again. He will have a massive conflict of interest ensuring that Mr. Chainrai comes out of this OK but not caring a jot about PFC.

    In the past when he was administrator for PFC he could only find dubious buyers who were later discredited or stated that they did not want to own a football club.

    More recently he has been administrator for CSI for nearly three months without being able to find a buyer for any of their assets including PFC.

    Please preserve us from Mr. Andronikou or I fear the proud history of PFC will vanish forever.

  5. SJMaskell says:

    News is that there will be challenges to the administration and the administrator in court on Friday 17 February (10.30am) by PFC creditors, including Portsmouth City Council. See full story: http://fansonline.net/portsmouth/article.php?id=2080

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