Fabio Capello Was The Least Of England’s Intractable Problems


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4 Responses

  1. Allan says:

    I had to laugh this morning when I heard Graeme Taylor saying that he thought that England might do well in the face of adversity this summer, I don’t think he is alone in this thought. If there are supposedly “football” people out there with this view, they will be in for a rude shock this summer…

  2. David Howell says:

    You can still get 40/1 on England losing all three group games at Euro 2012. How that hasn’t been shortened in the last 48 hours is completely beyond me.

  3. Noshow NZ says:

    For me you’ve hit the nail on the head in this line Ian:

    “Considering the feeble number of fully qualified coaches in this country, this is perhaps a blessed relief, but the broader matter of why there should be a such a paucity of options for the England coach’s job deserves further consideration.”

    I would even add ‘players’ to that same sentiment and therein lies the crux of what I see is the overwhelming issue with English football; the quality or lack thereof coming up through the ranks of both player and coach.

    As a Spurs fan I love ‘Arry and what he’s done with the club but yet success, in terms of silverware has avoided him. He’s done a great job at Spurs but not without some considerable help from some very talented non English players, does that then auger well for the National team?

    I think the FA need to have a good hard look at themselves and make some tough decisions. They may preside over the worlds greatest league or whatever hyperbole is being applied to it these days, but the majority of successful teams / players / coaches in it are foreign. It’s no coincidence that the national team has underperformed against expectation since the Premier League got stronger, because that expectation, based on the PL, is flawed.

    A good start in addressing the issue would be to start afresh after the Euros. Appoint a caretaker manager up to and including the tournament and then start afresh with a new manager, new players and a new ideology around development. What else have they got to lose?

  4. Dave says:

    The whole situation just beggars belief.

    As this Euro 2012 lark might be a bit beyond us, but I was thinking; since we’ve invaded countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, does that mean England can enter competitions like the Confederations Cup, Asian Cup and Arab Cup? We might have more chance in those.

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