UEFA Square Up To The Premier League. Again.


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7 Responses

  1. ejh says:

    The thing is, it’s really hard to even discuss the problem without coming up against people invoking the right of people with money to spend their money as they see fit, and therefore to incur as much debt as they see fit (and the auditors are prepared to accept) at football clubs they own. That’s the ruling ideology and of course it’s always possible to paint UEFA as a bunch of interfering foreigners if they have anything to say on the subject.

  2. Kevin says:

    When will UEFA realise that they themselves are the biggest problem of all? The obscene amount of money they have handed out to Champions League clubs over the years means now that unless clubs outside the “big 4″ gamble financially they will never have a chance of competing at the top table. The sad thing is not that Man City are spending 200 million on transfers but that clubs like City have to spend that much just to attempt to catch up.

  3. dk says:

    Indeed UEFA are the main culprits. They should call the bluff of the superclubs by allowing them to form their super league as an unsanctioned tournament. No league games against local opposition will soon put them off as in Italy, Spain and England the supporters value the domestic league title as the main honour, even if the club owners may not.

    If we must have a Champions League, entry should go to the league champions, cup winners and fair play league winners. The presence of the cup winners and fair play league winners, adds a greater degree of unpredictability to the likely Champions League qualifiers, which makes it more risky for clubs to factor champions league income into their budgets (and player transfers).

    As mentioned above if the ‘top clubs’ don’t like it their bluff should be called and really the sooner that happens the better.

  4. Wyre Forest Red says:


    Spot on in your comments. Call the bluff of the big clubs and let them form their own super league. By not being sanctioned players wouldn’t be able to represent their country, so the stark choice would be there for all players, the mercenaries following the short term riches of the European league, those with some sort of pride staying eligible to play for their country by playing for “lesser” clubs.

  5. UEFA are only one of a number of reasons for the problem. The clubs at the top behaving like spoilt children, being one reason. A complient, and at times subserviant, media attending to the Premier League’s whim being another.

    Having said that, i think the Premier League is just another symptom of the greed is good society which we live in now. We seem to have an slack jawed unquestioning attitude to rich teams and rich footballers. Witness the Gerard verdict, and Mihir Bose’s sycophantic interview with the Real Madrid president about 3 weeks ago.

  6. otuesmanick says:

    barcelona is my club and i ill never go to another club even when my players go out

  1. August 4, 2009

    […] UEFA Square Up To The Premier League. Again. “It’s all in the timing. The BBC couldn’t have chosen a better time to run a special report on the state of finances in English football. The eve of the new English season is a time of optimism at most clubs, but in an interview with Radio5’s Dan Road, the UEFA general secretary David Taylor expressed concerns about many aspects of the way that Premier League clubs in particular are running themselves, singling out the saddling of clubs with debt and the transfer activity of some (hello, Manchester City) as having a destabilising effect on the health of the transfer market.” (twohundredpercent) […]

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