Does The Premier League Now Wish To Join The Football League?


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7 Responses

  1. maliniok says:

    Storm in a teacup. I doubt that AVB has any hidden agenda there. I think he just wants to copy what has been functioning for many decades in different European countries including Germany, Spain and possibly Portugal. Of course it is against the English tradition but AVB could simply be ignorant of this fact.

  2. justin M Helliwell says:

    Maliniok-AVB is well aware of the tradition in Engkish lower league football and was VERY sensitive towarsds it when speaking about this issue. He went as fart as saying he didn’t agree wityh buying a “feeder” club and killing it’s history and was more talking about a true “B team” which would help top sides andf(by extension) the national tyeam, to get kids i nto the action more often. I realise there are vast issues with this thinking but at least AVB sees it needs radical change.

    Personally, I think it’s going to happen with big clubs buying “relkations” with clubs in Holland(Chelsea/Vitesse), Bweelguim(Liege and Utd?)(or elsewhere to send their kids out and while this wouldn’t always be ideal it’s staring to happen and wuith pressure so high managers at big clubs are finding it hardr and haarderr to let kids, with their predictably up and down form at the start, have that importanbt run of competitive, quality games and feeder clubs here or abroad are the next best thing for this.

    Personally, should a Chelsea B team battle through the league pyramid the the Championship I fail to see an issue with it so long as they climb no further and provision is made for keeping them apart should the A team get relegated. Surely the national tyeams would benefit from this better exposure for yuonger talkents too? Also, more kids of quality would be back in the football league and would be avilable to sign for other teams there, with experience, should their A team deem them surplus as the next year would need IT’S go. It’s not AVB being ignorant at all and he wasn’t offensive to smaller clubs or big clubs in poor health either. He diudn’t WANT Chelsea buyingf Millwall or whoever and ruining a going concern with history and support but wanted a better way of progressing kids at the biggest clubs. Right now the academy system is broken in England and the huge gap between academy and Prem needs bridging so managers can make an educated risk rather than a blind one with young players. Also would allow kids to compete in the same formation as at the mother club so when we see Barca’s seamless succes why wouldn’t Utd or Chelsea want the sdame? It hasn’t hurt Spain, has it? No, that was /Barca and Real being greedy and making individual TV deals but in England Chgelsea and Utd did NOT allow Liverpool to make it so over here and voted against it despite it being in our clubs interests to sell our own rights. on’t knock AVB and Chelsea when other clubs are much more rude and selfish over stuff.

  3. gordon powrie says:

    Only one word for that lot, Justin – Tosh! The Premier League is NOT the be-all and end-all of English football, although they themselves, and a lot of media peole would like them to be.As ian has said, they care only for themselves; they are certainly not interested in the England team. If they were, the number of foriegners at clubs would be much lower.

  4. Rob says:

    Whilee they were covering this on Sky Sports News, they featured David Moyes saying that he’d applied for an Everton Reseve side to be added to the Conference (he didn’t say when), but it had been declined

  5. Dave says:

    A wild guess, Justin, but you sound like an overseas armchair fan with, understandably, little knowledge of English football beyond what you see on TV. AVB may forgiven as he is new around here, but Moyes is a different matter and should surely know better. The sheer arrogance is hard to believe – I suppose he thinks that The Conference should be grateful – what a joke. Non-league football is great to watch and such interference would be detrimental. Perhaps Moyes would like to decide which club Everton B would replace. If Premier league clubs want match practice, let them form a reserve league

  6. Sean says:

    I have no problem whatsoever with clubs having B teams in the pyramid… as long as they start at the bottom, like everyone else.

    I’m not quite sure that Combined Counties Division 1 is quite what he had in mind, though.

  7. Rob says:

    What I’ve noticed in the comments here, and in the article by The Seventy Two on the Guardian site, is some notional ‘for the good of the English game’ argument being tossed around. Fans of PL clubs don’t seem to fathom that I, as a Stockport County supporter, don’t give a toss whether a) England win the World Cup or b) Chelsea win the Champions League. As someone else succinctly put it “Just. Don’t. Care.”

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