Four Star Daydream: the Pompey Owner Saga Part 6.

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  1. Peter Jeffs says:

    The time is rapidly approaching when the supporters have to be mobilised – not so as to apportion blame, tht serves no useful purpose now, The time has come for action, for fundraising, for public meetings, for all major individuals and authorities in the city to come together before its too late. We can no longer stand by, as we have done up to now, and watch helplessly from the sidelines.

  2. Gary says:

    Excellent article, SJ! This deserves to be Facebooked, Twittered, picked up by the mainstream media and shared with everyone who supports a football team.

  3. Mick Nick says:

    Sick to back teeth of them and their escapades now. The bleating of the fans “look at what we’ve got to put up with” was the final straw for me when we played them last season as if it’s an injustice they’ve got to slum it in the Championship.

    Like Leeds before them, they’ve had times most fans can only dream of and if the punishemnt is having to play Barnsley and Doncaster for a few seasons, who wouldn’t take the punt again?

  4. Steve says:

    The injustice isn’t that Portsmouth have to play in the Championship, Mick, and I very much doubt that their fans feel that it it is. If my – or your – club had put up with serial frauds and woeful Premier League/Football League dereliction of duty which put the entire club at risk, I’m sure we’d be “bleating” about it.

  5. Gaz says:

    Mick – most of us Pompey fans enjoy the Championship (we were there for 18 years before we went up, so it does feel like home to many of us!). The problem is, as explained in the article above, that undesireable owners, let in by the Premier & Football League, are gambling with our football club with very little (no) regard to the fans or the legacy they are leaving behind. True, we enjoyed winning things (as all fans would), however, at every step along the way up and back down we have been lied to about the financing behind it all. Bottom line is, it isn’t about playing in the Championship (or League 1/2), it is about our club facing liquidation whilst we fans are currently vitrually powerless to do anything about it except to try and make the wider world realise what is going on.

  6. Paul W says:

    Very good article Sue.

    You’ve raised some pretty important questions about Admin Andy and how serious he really has been about trying to sell the club.

    Hey Nick, I’m a Pompey fan, born and bred and I could give less of a damn about which division we play in, but not much. I’d just like my club to be something that we can be proud of again, that represents the honesty and spirit of the city and not being constantly described as “crisis-club”.

  7. pfcjames says:

    £1.6 million is a huge amount of money but its not too far short of the percentage that Redknapp would have got paid on the sale of Lassana Diarra to Real Madrid ;)

  8. Dinksy says:

    Well, nothing that we don’t already know. The point of the article seems to be to encourage the idea of fans taking control but this is wishful thinking at Championship level. Quite simply, a rally of all the fan websites and their followers wouldn’t even raise the tax bill for next couple of months.
    The Exeter City model has worked well in the lower divisions but our running costs are much much higher.
    As for Hancock and the council, their contributions have been worth absolutely nothing. Same goes for that other empty windbag, Brian Howe.
    If we as Pompey fans were serious, we’d start a new PFC independently from what happens at Fratton. I say ‘if’ because it would have already happened if we were. Instead, we are all waiting for the white knight who doesn’t exist. Alternatively, stage a massive sit-in at Fratton Park – a sort of Occupy Fratton. Maybe we could recruit all those hippies about to be ejected from St Pauls. It would be quite something to see a sea of tents on the pitch of the hallowed turf.
    What would Jimmy Dick say?

  9. jertzee says:

    “The Exeter City model has worked well in the lower divisions but our running costs are much much higher.

    BUT that’s the whole point…the reason Pompey are in deep doo-doo is because their running costs are much higher – i.e. they are living beyond their means.

    If running costs exceed income, and therefore cash is not around and you end up in debt then you reduce your running costs, if necessary to the levels of Exeter City. Simple.

  10. SJMaskell says:

    … or even, Dinksy, the Swansea City model – fans in partnership with private owners who want to run a FOOTBALL Club.

    If we, as Pompey fans, are serious about wanting to save the club – or even resurrecting it – we need to work together and educate ourselves in what is possible. Useful info on the benefits of fan ownership can be found here:

    The White Knight idea is defunct mush. See here:

  11. Lesley says:

    Is anyone sure that the HMRC petition is just for £1.6m? They tend to be extremey cagy about giving information out as to the amount of any claim. Under the CVA they were receiving 20% of their total debt over about 5 years. However if the terms of the CVA fail then it is open to any creditor to claim their original debt. How were HMRC being paid? It may be that there is a period of grace within the CVA (Does anyone know where I can see a copy) but if the terms of the CVA including not running into more Tax debt then the CVA may have been breached even if the current instalments are being met (and there must be a query over whether they are).

  12. SJMaskell says:

    The club have issued a statement regarding the WO which includes the statement:

    “The petition sought by HMRC is for the PAYE for December which is approximately £800k. Since the raising of the petition a further £1m (in VAT and PAYE) has become due for payment.”

    The terms of the CVA haven’t failed YET. (See whole of PFC statement). The hearing is on 20 February. I guess things could be put right if the bill is paid before then. That is part of Mr Chainrai’s dilemma, as outlined in article.

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