Westley & Ridsdale: Together At Preston

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  1. Tim Vickerman says:

    Terrific stuff. I didn’t know that much about Westley other than some of the antics of him and his Stevenage side at the Mac earlier this season. He HAS got a tremendous record of improvement there, though. Still, sounds like an utter c**k.

    And I somehow ended up reading Publicity Pete’s autobiography – the above assessment can be soundly applied to him too.

  2. JOHN KAY says:

    Very interesting stuff particularly about Westley, about whom PNE fans are eager to discover background info.Ridsdale’s previous life is well documented & well known despite his attempts to rebrand himself. I think the fail safe for PNE is that Messrs Risdale & Westley work for Trevor Hemmings, the owner of PNE, a ruthless business man who bought the club to prevent it from going out of business & has ploughed some £15 million into it over the past 2 years to keep it afloat. Hemmings does not suffer fools gladly (Ferguson Jnr & Phil Brown!) & will demand that they deliver by getting the club back into the Championship asap, a goal I personally think they will achieve – but only time will tell!

  3. Ian says:

    There is more on Westley and Farnborough too, of course. I’ll see if we can fit that into the schedule over the next few days.

  4. Josh says:

    Please do follow up with some more on Westley. He is, by all accounts, quite a piece of work!!

  5. Looking forward to it – this article is just scratching the surface of Westley!

  6. Rich Mutey says:

    Interesting article, Westley is someone who I did not have much knowledge about, as opposed to Risdale! One thing that grabbed me was the proposed merger of “Kingston and Farnborough”, this is an almost identical plan to Maxwells “Thames Valley Royals” both of which were of course absolute lame ducks.

  1. January 27, 2012

    […] his stead, the much-maligned Peter ‘PR Pete’ Ridsdale has arrived after a short but acrimonious spell as Plymouth’s ‘Chairman of Football […]

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